Inside the Stockspot investment dashboard

The dashboard is the engine room of your Stockspot investment portfolio and savings accounts.

The Stockspot dashboard is the headquarters for your Stockspot account.

You can track your investments, view your account balance and find detailed information on your account.

Here’s a quick guide to using your dashboard when you start investing with Stockspot.  


Account overview

Your account overview is a quick snapshot of your Stockspot account.

  • Your account value shows you how much your entire Stockspot account is worth including your Portfolio and Savings (if activated).

  • Your account summary shows the value and returns of your Stockspot Investment Portfolio & Stockspot Savings since you joined.

  • Your next investment shows which ETF we’ll buy for you next and how much you need to top up for that to happen.


In this section you’ll find your: account value, account split, portfolio detail and calendar.

Account value

This is the total value of your Stockspot investment portfolio.

  • The blue line shows the total value of your entire portfolio.

  • The green line shows your portfolio’s ‘total return’ (ie what you’ve made from your investments). This line will rise and fall overtime, don’t stress about it too much, it’s a normal part of market movements.

  • You can also zoom in to see a specific period of time.


Account split

View the percentage split of your Stockspot accounts between Stockspot Portfolio, Stockspot Savings and cash.


Portfolio detail

This page shows you the different ETFs in your portfolio. Use the arrows to see what each ETF invests in across asset class, sector and country.



Some of your investments pay dividends and distributions quarterly, monthly or half-yearly. You can easily track your next payment here in the distribution calendar as well as past payments.


Goal Tracker

Will you be able to renovate your house in 5 years? Or pay for your kids high school fees?  The Goal Tracker is a great way to set an investment goal and check on your progress along the way. Our engine will continually check how you’re going and give you some handy tips to stay on track.

Click on the link to the goal-tracker link to set-up your goal. Its editable so you can make changes anytime.



The performance page shows the performance of each investment in your portfolio, how much is invested in them and what their return is.

View your returns in dollars ($) or percentages (%) by using the toggle button at the top of the page. You can learn more about how we calculate returns in this blog article: How does Stockspot calculate returns.


  • Units held: the number of units you own in each ETF. For example this portfolio owns 123 units in the Vanguard Australian Shares ETF.

  • Purchase cost: this is the original purchase cost your investments. Hover over the ‘i’ symbol for the calculation.

  • Market value: how much your investment is worth today. Hover over the ‘i’ symbol for the calculation.

  • Capital return: how much you’ve made from your investments.

  • Income: Dividends and other cash distributions from your investments.

  • Total return: Your capital return + income = total return

Keep in mind that distributions (the income column) appear after they’ve been paid and reconciled by our engine. This is because we do the tax reconciliation for you in preparation for the investor tax statements we provide at end of the financial year.

You can drill down on any of the investments to see each buy or sell transaction, when it was done and how much you paid.

Portfolio settings

In your portfolio settings you can:

1. Change your investment strategy. All changes are reviewed by our team to ensure they match your investment profile and goals. For more information read: What is your risk profile and how does it help your investment strategy.

2. Change rebalance strategy to suit your personal situation and cash-flow needs. You can choose to either a) always rebalance b) buy only or c) pause.

3. Stockspot Themes will unlock in your dashboard once your portfolio grows to $50,000 or more. You can tailor your portfolio by adding in themes from our list of Theme options.


Savings settings

If you have activated Stockspot Savings this is where you see how much you have in Stockspot Savings and the amount of interest (money) you have earned on your savings.

Select the current rate tab to see the interest you will earn on your savings and the banks your money is held in.

If you haven’t activated Stockspot Savings yet it’s easy to set up. Read our blog about Stockspot Savings to find out how to set it up.

Funds are invested into a High Interest Cash ETF. It’s suitable for short term investing goals. You can also transfer funds into your Stockspot Portfolio.


View a detailed list of cash and investment for your account.

Cash Transactions

View the transactions in your Stockspot cash account. You can filter by transaction type and download a CSV file of all transactions.


Investment Transactions

See a fill list of your investment transactions or filter by investment type.  Each transaction has an icon, simple description , the quantity and total value.

You can also download a CSV file of your investment transactions. 


You’ll find all of your document here in one easy to access place.

Your documents include:

  • Your investment agreement and any updated agreements you’ve signed since you joined.

  • Your investor statements and reports to help make doing your tax simple.

Transfer money

You can transfer money into your Stockspot accounts via bank transfer or BPAY.

1. Deposit money
Select to view your bank transfer and BPAY details.

2. Move money
If you have activated Stockspot Savings you can transfer money between your Stockspot Investment Portfolio and Stockspot Savings.

Many Stockspot clients set up a regular transfer from their bank account so we can help them dollar cost average. Read about the benefits of dollar cost averaging in our article When is a good time to invest.

Invite your friends or family

For every friend that you invite who invests with us, we will waive the fees you pay on $5,000 of your portfolio for 12 months. And we’ll do the same for your friends’ portfolio for 12 months as well!

The more you share, the more you (and your friends) save together – and the faster your portfolio grows. This gives your friends the chance to try Stockspot and see how it can help them achieve their financial goals.

You can see how much you are saving in fees on the ‘Invite’ page of your dashboard.   Here’s some tips on how you can help your friends start investing today.

Manage access

You can give your accountant or financial adviser access to a view-only version of your portfolio (e.g. for tax and strategic advice). They will not be able to make changes on your account. Simply drop-down ‘More’ in the left-hand menu, select ‘Manage Access’ and provide your accountants details. We’ll then email them with instructions on how to view your Stockspot portfolio online.


Account settings

From account settings you can view your current “investment profile” and “update investment profile”.

Your investment profile is based on your current financial situation, how long you want to invest for and your capacity for risk.

We’ll ask you to login and review you profile each year as part of our annual review process.

Find out how Stockspot makes it easy to grow your wealth and invest in your future.

This article was originally published in November 2018 and was updated in September 2019.

Founder and CEO

Chris has been vocal in calling out the industry 'Fat Cats' and is known for telling it as it is. He was an inaugural member of two Advisory Committees for the industry regulator ASIC, and was previously a fund manager at UBS. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Co-op Scholarship) from UNSW.

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