Inside the Stockspot app

Stockspot app
Earlier this year we launched the Stockspot portfolio app. Thousands of clients have already been enjoying the Stockspot app experience so we thought we’d spread the word further and share some of its key features.

What’s in the Stockspot app?

We set out to build the app with the aim of giving clients a useful and engaging experience that simplified the Stockspot website dashboard because… well, who doesn’t run their life on their smartphone these days?

The app’s features are designed to give clients a quick snapshot of how their portfolio is performing and show what dividends and investments are coming up next. The app makes it easy to view the essentials of your portfolio on-the-go without having to login to the website. Clients can also keep-up-to date with our latest insights from the Stockspot blog.

Part of our app design thinking was it should help our clients focus on the long term, learn about the benefits of diversification and avoid common investment mistakes. Our investment philosophy is about the value of simplicity and consistency and we wanted these to shine through in the app.

Having the right mix of investments and sticking with the plan is the real secret to investing success and our app aims to help our clients do that.

Stockspot app 2

Meet Alice, our awesome app developer

To create the best app experience possible, Stockspot team member Alice led development of the app with the latest software development platform – React Native. Using this technology, which is also used by popular apps like Facebook and Instagram, ensured the app runs at top speeds, has great responsiveness, reliability and can quickly be updated.

Stockspot app 2

We think Alice did a great job so we asked her what the coolest feature of the app is from a tech perspective:

“We built into our app a cloud service that allows the Stockspot team to deploy simple mobile app updates directly to our clients’ devices. Clients can also update the app without needing to go through the app store which is a big time saver.”

And the hardest part of developing the app?

“The hardest part was making sure it works crash free across hundreds of different Android devices and iPhones for a great experience for all of our customers. It was a big learning curve for me since this my first experience building an app using React Native.”

Where can I get it?

You can download the app for iOS and Android.


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Megan Stals

Analyst, Stockspot