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Our client Guy Bane, recently spoke to the Daily Telegraph about his Stockspot investing experience.

He kindly shared why he invests his savings with us and helped to spread the Stockspot message. We love Guy’s clear headed approach to managing his wealth, so we’re sharing his story here for those who didn’t see it.

Guy has been a Stockspot client for over two years. He’s 29 years old, lives in Sydney and works as an accountant at a fintech startup. He’s a busy young professional, so doesn’t have a lot of time left over for deep market analysis and managing investments.

Previous investment experience

Like many of our clients he has experience investing in blue chip ASX listed shares. He was looking for a way to diversify his money (which we agree is a good idea!).

Guy says property would probably be most people’s go to choice but with prices so unaffordable he doesn’t think property is the best place for his money at the moment.

Avoid too much cash in saving accounts

He has also stayed away from keeping too much cash in the bank as the returns most savings accounts offer are low, around 1% to 2% (and you pay your marginal tax rate out of that).

Meanwhile a diversified portfolio has returned 6% to 9% over the past year. Investing was clearly the best option for him, but despite having an understanding of markets he didn’t have the time or interest in managing his investments alone.


Stockspot does the investment heavy-lifting

Guy had heard about Stockspot and he decided to give us a go as he thought the automation concept was interesting. He likes that it’s a simple and easy to use platform and that we do the heavy lifting of selecting the right investments and rebalancing.

Guy uses a dollar cost averaging strategy and regularly tops up his investment portfolio with $5,000 – $10,000 increments, which we invest in a personalised portfolio of ETFs for him. In the two years he’s been investing with Stockspot he’s enjoyed about 8% returns.

He says his main financial goal is to try and build some wealth, so when property prices do eventually drop he may decide to buy. In the meantime he’s happy to continue investing with Stockspot to help him get closer to his wealth goals.

Grow your savings the smart way

Stockspot is Australia’s largest and most experienced online investment adviser. We make investing easy and affordable. Whether you’re growing your wealth, saving for a home, a family or retirement, we help you do it with the right investment portfolio and guidance.

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