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Six mistakes to avoid when the share market falls

The Australian share market is down around 10% from it’s recent highs. Here are the investing mistakes to avoid when the market falls.

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What if the tech stock boom has further to go in 2022?

They say that history doesn’t repeat, but it rhymes. Fast forward to 2022 and the current stock market conditions feel similar to 1999.


Where Are the Customers’ Yachts? The problem with wealth management in Australia

One of the reasons I started Stockspot was that I saw too many people getting poor investment advice.


Stockspot Performance Update: December 2021

The Stockspot Model Portfolios returned 3.5% to 10.2% after fees during the 2021 calendar year, while the Stockspot Sustainable Portfolios returned 6.8% to 15.1%.

Client stories

Client story: Ray Corcoran

Ray Corcoran is a small business owner and YouTuber. Ray spoke to Stockspot about his work, why he’s referring his family and friends to Stockspot, and why he likens Stockspot to Google.

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Stockspot Sustainable Portfolios: December 2021 Update

Stockspot Sustainable Portfolio performance update and insights for sustainable investing in 2022.


What are the best Global Share ETFs?

We road test 12 popular Global share ETFs, comparing them across 5 factors.


What are the best Gold ETFs?

How to invest in gold using an exchange traded fund (ETF). We compare the best gold ETFs of 2022.


What are the best Australian Bond ETFs?

We’ll show you why and what we look out for when selecting a bond ETF.


What are the best Australian high dividend ETFs of 2022?

We road test 6 of Australia’s best high dividend ETFs, comparing them across 5 factors to reveal our top pick.


What are the best Australian share ETFs of 2022?

We road test 5 popular Australian share ETFs, comparing them across 6 factors.


What you need to know when considering investment bonds (insurance bonds)

We explain children’s investment bonds including how they work and compare them to other investments for kids including ETFs.


When is the best time to invest into ETFs?

We explain how to pick the best time to buy shares and ETFs in Australia and why waiting for a market dip can be a risky strategy.

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Stockspot managing $600 million, 11,000 clients

Stockspot has hit another milestone, now managing more than $600 million on behalf of its 11,000 clients.


How much money do you need for an emergency fund?

Having some money set aside for a rainy day means you don’t need to borrow or sell investments if you need money when things go wrong.


Why there’s no such thing as a ‘high interest’ savings account

We discuss the pros and cons of stashing your savings in a high interest savings accounts versus a diversified investment portfolio.

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Why goal setting works better in February

February, not January, is a good time to map your financial goals. Here are my tips tips on setting good investing habits for 2022.


The role of shares, bonds and gold in your portfolio

Why you should buy different investments including Australian shares, global shares, bonds and gold in a diversified portfolio.