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Tax time 2022: Everything you need to know

Our aim is to help make tax time as easy as possible for you.
Here’s what you need to know.


6 mistakes to avoid when the sharemarket falls

The Australian sharemarket is down around 15% from its recent highs on recession fears. Here are six investing mistakes to avoid when the market falls.


What is your investment profile and why is it important?

Understanding your investment profile is one of the most important things we do as your investment adviser to help you reach your investing goals.


About the 2022 ETF Report

Stockspot’s annual ETF report is a snapshot of what’s happening in the Australian ETF landscape. We tell you why and how we created this report.


2022 ETF Report: 10 key ETF trends in Australia

If you only remember 10 things from Stockspot’s 2022 ETF report, these are it.


Best Performing ETFs Australia 2022

These ETFs were the best performing ETFs in Australia in 2022.


Worst Performing ETFs Australia 2022

We’ve analysed the ETFs that produced disappointing results in 2022.


New ETFs in Australia 2022

A summary of all the newly listed ASX ETFs in 2022.


Most Popular ETFs

Most popular ETFs by examining the largest increases in size and flows over the past year.

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Which ETF issuer is best? Vanguard, Blackrock, BetaShares or others?

We analyse the performance of Vanguard, Blackrock, BetaShares and other ETF providers in 2022.


Should I Buy Hedged or Unhedged ETFs?

We compare hedged vs unhedged ETFs. What does hedged mean? Should you buy hedged or unhedged ETFs for international shares, bonds and gold?


The best sustainable ETFs in 2022

The best sustainable and ethical ETFs on the ASX. We look at the growth and popularity of sustainable investing in Australia.

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Managed Fund Guide: What Is A Managed Fund? | Stockspot

In this article we answer some common questions about managed funds. What is a managed fund? How do managed funds […]

Client stories

Client story: Bob and Vicki McElveney

Bob and Vicki McElveney are retirees living in northern New South Wales. They spoke to Stockspot about their investing experience, how the GFC had a devastating impact on their finances and what they like about using Stockspot to manage their investments.

Client stories

Client story: Erik Kasearu

Erik Kasearu is a retiree from Adelaide. Enjoying his retirement, Erik spoke to Stockspot about his investment portfolio, the mistakes he made as an active trader and why he invests with Stockspot.

Client stories

Client story: Mariam Mohammed

Mariam Mohammed is the co-founder of a social enterprise that seeks to improve financial literacy amongst women. Mariam spoke to Stockspot about her business, why she decided to invest in Stockspot and offers her advice about investing for the long-term.

Client stories

Client story: Simon Barber

Simon Barber is a father and an in-house legal counsel for a retailer. Simon spoke to Stockspot about his young family, why he finds Stockspot easy to use, and why he’s using Stockspot to invest for the long-term.

Client stories

Client story: Josh Loretan

Josh Loretan is a general manager for a construction company in New South Wales. Josh spoke to Stockspot about his work, how the Stockspot advice he receives is tailored for him, and why he encourages his family and employees to invest with Stockspot.