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We tried 4 neobanks, here’s how they compare

Australia’s neobanks are here and they’re ready to impress you away from the big four. We review Up, 86400, Xinja & Revolut.

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Stockspot performance update: December 2019

Here’s a review of 2019 at Stockspot, our biggest year yet for client returns, new articles, research and product releases.


LIC investors gave up $1.6 billion in 2019

LICs have come under the spotlight for their poor performance and conflicted fees. We review LIC returns compared to ETFs in 2019.


What are the best Australian share ETFs?

We road test 5 popular Australian share ETFs, comparing them across 6 factors.


What are the best Global Share ETFs?

We road test 12 popular Global share ETFs, comparing them across 5 factors.


What are the best Australian Bond ETFs?

We’ll show you why and what we look out for when selecting a bond ETF.

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Client focus: investing for kids

Health & wellness entrepreneur Joanna Mitchell, tells us why she’s investing for her child’s future.

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Client focus: Phil Ackman, Radio Host

Radio Host Phil Ackman says like many people he has no idea where to invest his money. This year Phil decided to invest with Stockspot.


What’s the difference between a dividend and a distribution?

This article will help you understand the differences between a dividend and a distribution.


How to invest when markets go sideways

Sometimes markets don’t go up or down, they go sideways. Here’s how to invest when markets are treading water.

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How SMSFs can address ASICs ‘red flags’

ASIC have issued some ‘red flag’ warnings for SMSFs. We show how SMSF trustees can avoid being caught out.


Should you buy when markets are high?

We look at how you would have done in the past by investing at market all-time highs.

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How do I save for a house deposit quickly?

Our tips on how to reach your home deposit goal faster.


What are the odds of picking a winner?

How picking the Melbourne Cup winner compares to choosing an active fund manager.


The investment trend that’s getting women excited

Technology is helping women access financial resources like never before.

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Stockspot performance update: September 2019

Here’s how you can be in the top 1% of investors by stacking the odds wildly in your favour.


Best budgeting apps of 2019

We road test a few of the more well known budgeting apps.

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Should you pay off your mortgage or invest?

The recent fall in interest rates has reignited the debate. Should you invest or pay down your mortgage?