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Should you pay off your mortgage or invest?

The recent fall in interest rates has reignited the debate. Should you invest or pay down your mortgage?


Why you won’t beat the share market (and why so many still try)

Events like the GameStop short squeeze have activated interest in the share market as a way to get rich quick. But history shows there’s no way to consistently beat the share market.


Asset allocation changes: February 2021

We’ve only changed our asset allocation once since 2014 – and now we’re doing it again. We explain why and how these changes will affect our clients.


What’s in the Stockspot portfolios?

The Stockspot ETF portfolios comprise of investments in over 1,400 shares and bonds from Australia and around the world.


We compare LICs vs ETFs, which is best?

Our comparison of popular ASX listed LICs to index ETFs.


Rent or Buy? We do the sums

We discuss some of the important pros and cons to consider when deciding whether to rent or buy.


The short squeeze: how Gamestop rose from $19 to $483

Gamestop was a little-known company who are now famous due to the astronomical rise in share price from US$19 on 4 January 2021 to $483 on 28 January 2021. We explain how this happened and what you can learn.

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Stockspot Sustainable Portfolios: December 2020 Update

Stockspot Sustainable Portfolios were introduced in July 2020. Here we update you on their six month performance and insights for sustainable investing in 2021.


What you need to know when considering investment bonds (insurance bonds)

An overview of investment bonds and how their returns compare to investing in an ETF portfolio.


Should you invest in property or shares?

Property and shares are the two most common ways of building wealth in Australia. Find out which one is better for you.


Stockspot Performance Update: December 2020

The Stockspot Portfolios delivered positive returns for a sixth consecutive calendar year, notwithstanding the COVID-19 pandemic.


What are the best Global Share ETFs?

We road test 12 popular Global share ETFs, comparing them across 5 factors.


What are the best Gold ETFs?

How to invest in gold using an exchange traded fund (ETF). We compare the best gold ETFs of 2021.


What are the best Australian Bond ETFs?

We’ll show you why and what we look out for when selecting a bond ETF.


What are the best Australian high dividend ETFs of 2020?

We road test 6 of Australia’s best high dividend ETFs, comparing them across 5 factors to reveal our top pick.


What are the best Australian share ETFs of 2021?

We road test 5 popular Australian share ETFs, comparing them across 6 factors.


How Stockspot outperformed Vanguard and robo advisors

Three strategies that have helped the Stockspot portfolios outperform Vanguard and others to be Australia’s best performing robo adviser over the last 5 years.


Why there’s no such thing as a ‘high interest’ savings account

With interest rates on saving accounts at all time lows, it’s time to think about whether a ‘high interest’ savings account is the best way to make your money work for you.