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What are the best investing apps for kids?

Investing for kids is an investment in their future. It teaches them valuable skills that will serve them well throughout their lives and empowers them to take control of their financial future.

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Starting an SMSF pension from your Stockspot SMSF account

Learn about the role of Stockspot in managing your SMSF pension draw downs, the responsibilities of your administrator/ accountant and your role as an SMSF trustee, in the lead up to and during your pension years.

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Emerging Markets IEM – Questions we get asked

Stockspot balances client portfolios to include a range of different international share ETFs, this includes emerging markets alongside developed market ETFs, for long term returns.

Client stories

Financial freedom starts here

Learn how everyday Australians are protecting and growing their wealth by investing with Stockspot.


What are the best cryptocurrency and bitcoin ETFs?

How to invest in cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, using an exchange traded fund (ETF) on the ASX.


Is Now the Right Time to Invest in Bitcoin? 6 Key Considerations

Conversations surrounding Bitcoin seem to arise in synchronicity with market price surges. Chris explores when (if ever) is it the right time to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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Stockspot Performance Update: December 2023

The Stockspot Model Portfolios all delivered positive returns in 2023. The portfolios returned 8.6% to 11.8% after fees.

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Stockspot Sustainable Portfolios: December 2023 Update

Over the 12 months to 31 December 2023, the Stockspot Sustainable Portfolios have delivered returns of 10.1% to 14.0%.

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How to reinvest dividends

Reinvesting dividends is a proven and simple way to grow your wealth and portfolio. Stockspot breaks down the important things you need to know when reinvesting your dividends.


What are the best technology ETFs 2023?

How to invest in technology using an exchange traded fund (ETF). We compare the best tech ETFs on the ASX for 2023.

Finance, Investing

Ten share market predictions from 2023 and how they turned out

In this article, I review ten forecasts made by fund managers last December and measure how they performed compared to the market index.

Client stories

Client story: Bruce Djite

Bruce Djite is a father of two from Adelaide. He spoke to Stockspot about his former life as a professional footballer, his current role looking after property and why he uses Stockspot to help him with his investing.


Stockspot Product Update: 2023

We’ve listened to client feedback and made seven key product improvements this year.


What are the best ASX property and real estate ETFs?

How to invest in property using an exchange traded fund (ETF). We compare the best ETFs that hold real estate.

Investing, Reports

Best Performing Managed Funds in Australia

How do you choose which managed fund to invest in? Find out by reading our review on some of the top performing managed funds.


Common ETF mistakes made by investors

Investing in ETFs can sometimes feel like navigating a maze. In this article, we walk you through 3 common mistakes that investors often make and how to avoid these pitfalls.

Client stories

Client story: Charlotte Byrne

Charlotte is a mother and registered nurse from Sydney now living in regional Victoria. She spoke to Stockspot about raising children as a single parent, why she had to start looking after her finances and which podcast helped her learn about investing.


What are the best Gold ETFs?

How to invest in gold using an exchange traded fund (ETF). We compare the best gold ETFs of 2023.