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The Fat Cat Funds Report 2020: how and why we compare super funds

Stockspot’s Fat Cat report compares the worst and best super funds in Australia. We tell you why and how we created our annual compare super guide.

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Best performing super funds in Australia

We compare the best performing super funds in Australia in 2020 – and the worst.


How super funds play the ratings game

We look at how funds manipulate their inclusion into the categories set by the ratings agencies.


Our super recommendations to government

Access to a safe, low cost and simple default option is essential to help the retirement savings of millions of Australians go further and last longer.

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How SMSFs can beat the best super funds in Australia

How to get better returns and spend less time – and money – managing your SMSF investment portfolio.


Best superannuation funds in your 60s+

The best type of superannuation fund for your 60’s, and our top tips to find the best super fund.


Best superannuation funds for your 40s and 50s

The best type of balanced superannuation fund for your 40’s and 50’s, and our tips to
get the most out of your super.


Best superannuation funds for your 20s and 30s

The tips to choose the best growth super fund in your 20s and 30s, and avoid losing over $200k of your hard earned super.


How to choose a super fund

Our top tips on how to choose a super fund with the best chance of good returns.


Behind the recent popularity of inverse ETFs like BBOZ and BEAR

We discuss the risks of inverse ETFs, which are generally used as speculative trading tools and can be quite dangerous for long-term investors.


LICs fail to perform in 2020 during COVID-19

LICs have once again demonstrated poor long term performance during the COVID-19 correction. We review LIC returns compared to ETFs in 2020.


We compare LICs vs ETFs, which is best?

Our comparison of popular ASX listed LICs to index ETFs.


Do ETF names give clues about performance?

ETF names convey a lot of information. In this article we analyse the clues short and long ETF names can give you about performance and fees.

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Stockspot Product Update – August 2020

We’ve focussed our efforts on updating the Stockspot app. Now it’s even easier and faster to access the information you want.


Intellectual humility and knowing what you don’t know

Being aware of our limited knowledge and saying “I dont know” can help investors succeed by preparing instead of predicting.

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Australian managed fund returns: a lucky dip for SMSFs

An analysis of popular active managed funds for SMSFs shows a large variance in returns.


“Why is the gold price going up?” All your investing in gold questions answered

The price of gold has recently reached record highs. These are the questions our clients are asking.


How to use Stockspot Themes

A guide to personalising and taking more control of your portfolio. Stockspot Themes gives clients access to different sectors, countries and asset classes.