Author: Chris Brycki

Chris has been vocal in calling out the industry 'Fat Cats' and is known for telling it as it is. He sits on two Advisory Committees for the industry regulator ASIC, and was previously a fund manager at UBS. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting/Finance Co-op Scholarship) from UNSW.


What are the best Australian share ETFs?

We road test 5 popular Australian share ETFs, comparing them across 6 factors.


Best SMSF investment diversification strategies

Our guide to five of the best SMSF investment strategies.

2019 Fat Cat Funds Report, News

Fat Cat Funds Report 2019

Stockspot’s annual Fat Cat Report analyses 600 of the largest super funds to find the best super funds in Australia – and the worst.

2019 Fat Cat Funds Report

How to choose a super fund

Our top tips on how to choose a super fund with the best chance of good returns.

2019 Fat Cat Funds Report

Best superannuation funds for your 20s and 30s

The tips to choose the best growth super fund in your 20s and 30s, and avoid losing over $200k of your hard earned super.

2019 Fat Cat Funds Report

Best superannuation funds for your 40s and 50s

The best type of balanced superannuation fund for your 40’s and 50’s, and our tips to get the most out of your super.

2019 Fat Cat Funds Report

Best superannuation funds in your 60s+

The best type of superannuation fund for your 60’s, and our top tips to find the best super fund.

2019 Fat Cat Funds Report

Our super recommendations to government

Access to a safe, low cost and simple default option is essential to help the retirement savings of millions of Australians go further and last longer.

2019 Fat Cat Funds Report

How super funds play the ratings game

We look at how funds manipulate their inclusion into the categories set by the ratings agencies.


Better investing on autopilot

Why use a service like Stockspot rather than actively manage your own portfolio?


Are Australian shares expensive?

There are always active fund managers who say shares are expensive. But are they really? And does it even matter?


Why to buy gold as a portfolio diversifier

Three reasons we advise clients to buy gold to diversify their portfolios.

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Stockspot performance update: June 2019

The 2018/19 financial year proved once again that staying the course in a diversified portfolio of low cost ETFs is your best course of action.


Best SMSF investment strategies for income and capital growth

These are the 3 most asked for investment strategies from our SMSF clients.


Why you need more defensive investments today

High grade bonds and gold can reduce how much you lose when markets fall. But how much of them should you own in your portfolio?


Top questions from the ASX Investor Day

The 5 most common question I got after my presentation at the ASX Investor Day.


When is the best time to invest in the share market?

One of the more common questions our clients ask us is ‘when is the right time to invest?’


What the interest rate cut means for your investments

So what does this mean for investors, savers and property owners?

News, Reports

Stockspot performance update: May 2019

Stockspot portfolios have delivered consistent returns across 1, 3 and 5 years for our clients with only around half the risk of owning a portfolio of just Australian shares.


Why property investing returns may be lower than you think

What are the real long-term returns from property in Australia? We look at the costs of property ownership.

Women Investing

What the election could mean for your investments

Here’s Stockspot’s guide to what the proposed changes could mean for you if Labor gets elected.


How are ETFs taxed?

Everything you need to know about tax on ETF investments in Australia.


Fintech trends to watch for in 2019

Here’s what we learned at the Money 20/20 fintech conference alongside other Australian fintechs


Top 5 reasons for portfolio diversification

Our top 5 tips on why you should diversify your investment portfolio.


What Labor’s proposed changes to franking credits mean

Everything you need to know about Labor’s proposed franking credit changes.


What returns have Stockspot clients earned?

We show which figures you should focus on and how Stockspot clients have done.


What are the best Global Share ETFs?

We road test 12 popular Global share ETFs, comparing them across 5 factors.


Performance update – January 2019

We’re pleased to report that all 5 of the Stockspot strategies had positive returns in 2018 after fees.


Market predictions for 2019

The start of the new year is a popular time to make predictions about the market.


What I learnt at the ASX Investor Day

Here are some of my key learnings from the ASX Investor Day in Sydney.