Author: Sarah King

Sarah has over 13 years experience in the financial services sector. She has spent most of her career working in financial advisory, operations and administrative roles. She holds a B.Business/BA International Studies and Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning.


Tax time FY 2020/2021: Everything you need to know

As always, our aim is to help make tax time as quick and easy as possible for you.


What is Stockspot Savings?

Stockspot Savings is a different way to save. You can access a higher return through a cash ETF rather than leaving your savings in a bank account.

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The most common questions we get asked from not-so-ready investors

We’ve answered the most common questions we get asked about investing for kids.

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Investing for Kids – Top FAQs

To help you start investing for your kids we’ve covered the most common questions we get asked.

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The cost of moving to cash

Is moving to cash your best move after a large share market fall? We look at some of the long term risks you might not have considered.


17 money saving tips that take no effort

The best money saving tips are always the ones that take no effort to integrate in to your life.


Top Stockspot Client FAQs

Here are the top FAQs we get from clients who start investing with us.


Women and investing

A dream for many women is to be financially independent. We share some investing tips to help empower women financially.


How to handle money and relationships

When it comes to your relationships, it’s never all about the money – until it is. Here’s how to handle some common tricky situations.


Why goal setting works better in February

February is a perfect time to map your financial goals. Here are my 3 tips on setting good habits for the year ahead.


5 steps to investing checklist

Here’s our checklist of the top 5 things to consider to help you start investing.

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Before you start investing

If you don’t have the money to invest just yet, here’s some helpful hints to get started.


Dollar-cost average or go all in?

Everything you need to know about dollar-cost averaging, what it is and how it works.


Five Money Lessons I’ll Teach My Nieces

How is it so many girls in Australia grow up unaware of what it means to be financially independent?