Dollar-cost average or go all in?

Dollar cost averaging

In this blog, we uncover all you need to know about dollar-cost averaging, what it is and how it could help you gain more of life’s most valuable asset – time.

Dollar-cost averaging sounds quite technical doesn’t it? As with most things finance related it’s another jargony term for quite a simple investment strategy that involves making small, regular, contributions to your investments.

The sophistication doesn’t come from the strategy itself, but how it could help you gain more time, sleep and peace of mind. Whether you’re new to investing or a professional, the decision of when to invest your money can be a challenging one.

Should you invest everything at once or dip your toes in by investing smaller amounts over time? Often we get caught on the hamster wheel trying to work out which is better. This procrastination can paralyse us from making any decision – which is the worst decision of all.

The truth is, both strategies have their own merits and limitations, but often our choice of one over the other is linked to our desire to reduce our sense of short-term regret.

So, what is the best approach?

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Women and investing

Stockspot women investing

A dream for many women is to be financially independent and free from worry about money. The unfortunate thing is, it remains a dream for many.

The financial disparity between men and women in Australia is an important topic to address as we continue to see gender-based inequities present themselves.

We live in an age where women are predicted to outlive men by almost half a decade. This begs the question, what can women do differently over the course of their lives to help them achieve more financial independence and control?

We know that many women take time out of the workforce to care for children; that on average women’s remuneration is 21.3% less than men; that on average women retire with 37% less in super and on top of this, will outlive men.

It doesn’t feel like the odds are stacked in our favour does it? This sense of inequality leads to many women feeling disempowered, stressed and fearful of their financial futures.

How can we flip this so more women feel in control, positive and connected to their financial futures. What would it take to get there?

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Five Money Lessons I’ll Teach My Nieces

Sarah and nieces
October marks the UN’s International Day of The Girl and the theme is ‘Skilled Girlforce’. A year-long campaign to support girls to get the skills they need to enter the workforce.

Every time I see my two young nieces, I’m reminded of what perfect, untouched little souls they are. They’re so lucky to have been born in a country where girls do have the opportunity (theoretically) to do whatever they aspire to.

Yet I often worry when will the influence of social media and unconscious gender bias take hold? According to the UN by the age of 6 girls already consider boys better suited to ‘really, really smart’ activities!

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