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Esha leads the PR and Communications at Stockspot, and has extensive experience in content marketing, copywriting, and SEO. She thinks that learning how to invest is an important life skill, and she enjoys creating comms and content that help people feel confident about their finances.

Superhero investing

What is the Superhero app? | Superhero trading app review | Stockspot

“Is it like Robinhood?” A Superhero trading review, Australia’s latest share trading app
Superhero has been likened to being like an Australian version of the Robinhood trading app. We tell you exactly what the app is all about, and how share trading apps are different to long-term investing apps like Stockspot.

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eToro Australia Review 2021: compare share trading apps

eToro is a share trading app/platform with a ‘social’ element. Our eToro Australia review shows how short-term trading apps like are different to long-term investing apps.

Stake investing app

Stake app review: we compare and contrast trading apps

Stake is an Australian share trading app that lets you trade US stocks and ETFs. We tell you how Stake works and how share trading apps like Stake are different to long-term investing apps like Stockspot.


Sharesies review: We compare and contrast share trading apps

Sharesies is a NZ based investing platform that offers low-cost share trading. See how Sharesies compares to other trading apps & investing platforms.


Manage your personal finances with these top Australian fintechs

The Australian financial industry was once slow-moving, but technology has accelerated over the last 10 years, and we now have a thriving sector of over 600 Australian fintechs.


Investing with Stockspot: your Get Started Guide

We answer all your questions about getting started with Stockspot, so you can begin investing as soon as possible.

Client stories

Sustainable artist Marí Koval paints the Stockspot mural

Marí Koval is an Australian-based artist who painted the mountain mural in the Stockspot office. She tells us her thoughts on sustainability, business and art.

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Starting Early: Sustainable Investing in Your 20s

Peter Binns is in his early 20s and has already discovered the power of investing. We found out why he thinks sustainable investing is the way of the future.