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Sustainable artist Marí Koval paints the Stockspot mural

Marí Koval is an Australian-based artist who painted the mountain mural in the Stockspot office. She tells us her thoughts on sustainability, business and art.

Marí Koval is an artist, muralist and illustrator who loved drawing and painting from a very young age. In high school, Marí was part of a program where she painted murals with traditional folk motifs. After she left school, Marí completed an art and graphic design degree and has since been involved in art projects. 

Marí was working at Tank Stream Labs (TSL), the same co-working space as Stockspot. TSL connected Mari to Stockspot, and Stockspot engaged Mari to paint a mountain mural in our office. 

Marí is passionate about making a difference in the world. She avoids single-use plastic, works with recyclable materials, and the majority of her artwork is created with water-based paint. 

She talked to us about the experience and why she feels Stockspot aligns with her values around sustainability

What initially drew you to this opportunity?

It was a pleasant realisation to cross paths with a company who have been transforming the investment space for almost a decade. Being an artist who wants to make a difference, I felt an instant connection with Stockspot’s team. I think it’s important to find those who share the same philosophy and vision.

Mari Koval paints Stockspot Mural

What was your process?

When I see a single-colour wall, my imagination immediately draws various images all over it. Murals bring magic to spaces. 

One of the interesting parts of this project was to align the visual proportions of the Stockspot mountains. They added to the project plenty of measurements and calculations. Despite the geometrical nature, the mural was performed free hand from the beginning to the end. This approach added softness to the artwork and added further coziness to the office. 

Being an artist I experience the pleasant impact that art brings to office spaces. I created the mural with an intention to help the team to think creatively and inspire them. It was so delightful to watch the change in the atmosphere as colours and shapes were appearing on the wall.

What is your painting philosophy and how does it influence your process and style?

When I was a child and I found out that plastic takes more than 1000 years to decompose, I became concerned. And until today, I am passionately trying to make a difference by reducing my usage of disposable plastic and chemical products. 

An example is what I did during the Stockspot mural project. I reused empty cardboard boxes by flattening them to cover the floor instead of using a plastic drop sheet. I used glasses, bowls, knives and spoons to mix paint. I use these for every project. I also avoided using a painting tape. All these small actions add up to less waste. 

The future is our choice.

We can all help the planet to recover and ensure a bright future for next generations. 

What did you learn about the Stockspot business and brand – and did it influence your artwork?

Everyone knows the feeling of choosing a company where you are given reasonably simple options at the beginning – and then it turns out there are many conditions and limitations. 

What makes Stockspot stand out, and what I like about them, is their simply structured and personalised products. The platform itself is easy to navigate: it’s transparent and mobile, and there are no hidden fees. 

I am grateful to Chris Brycki, CEO and Founder of Stockspot for taking the time to discuss his brand and helping me to comprehend the value of Stockspot products. Their business approach and care for people certainly influenced the artwork.  

Stockspot team

What do you think of the end result?

I am definitely satisfied with the end result. In saying that, the people who look at the mural are the main judges. One of the team members said: “Thank you for painting this beautiful mural. I look at it often. It makes my days brighter.” 

The mountain motif represents new horizons of financial stability and this translates to Stockspot’s products and services.

It’s so lovely to know that the project improved people’s state of mind and boosted productivity. I was happy to add to the Stockspot family-like atmosphere with the branded mural. 

I believe office art helps people to think outside of the box. Often it contributes to finding innovative and more efficient solutions, and it allows employees to take a moment to enjoy and recharge.

How can people contact you or see more of your art?

It really is my pleasure to see how my art brings a positive impact. I create for people to enjoy and feel happy. Please feel free to view my artwork and get in touch on Instagram, on Facebook, or on LinkedIn.

Esha leads the PR and Communications at Stockspot, and has extensive experience in content marketing, copywriting, and SEO. She thinks that learning how to invest is an important life skill, and she enjoys creating comms and content that help people feel confident about their finances.

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