2015 : Stockspot end-of-year update

The Stockspot portfolios generated positive returns over the 12 months to December, and demonstrated lower risk than a broad portfolio of Australian shares over that time.

Most of the positive price performance came between January and April, before troubles in Greece and China dragged markets lower by 10% to 15%. It has been great to see many of our clients using the market dips this year as a good opportunity to top-up their portfolios and take advantage of lower prices. When markets return to their long-term uptrend, those who have been slowly adding to their investments will see the greatest impact.

We look forward to helping our clients continue to achieve their investment goals in 2016.

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Total return after ETF and management fees as at 2 December 2015. Investment in financial products involves risk. Past performance of financial products is no assurance of future performance. Please read our Advice Disclaimer.

Chris Brycki

Stockspot Founder and CEO

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