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Starting an SMSF pension from your Stockspot SMSF account

Learn about the role of Stockspot in managing your SMSF pension draw downs, the responsibilities of your administrator/ accountant and your role as an SMSF trustee, in the lead up to and during your pension years.

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How can I build a SMSF portfolio using ETFs?

There’s been an increased interest in ETFs among SMSFs lately. We’ve put together a breakdown of three distinct types of SMSF investors who are embracing the potential of ETFs.

Investing, SMSF

3 tips for your SMSF

Understanding an SMSF can seem a bit intimidating at first. Here’s our three-point guide to making your SMSF work effectively for you.

Investing, SMSF

Best SMSF investment strategies for income and capital growth

These are the 3 most asked-for investment strategies from our SMSF clients.

Investing, SMSF

Best SMSF diversification strategies

Our guide to five of the best SMSF investment strategies.

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How SMSFs can beat the best super funds in Australia

How to get better returns and spend less time – and money – managing your SMSF investment portfolio.

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Investing, SMSF

Australian managed fund returns: a lucky dip for SMSFs

An analysis of popular active managed funds for SMSFs shows a large variance in returns.

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How SMSFs can address ASICs ‘red flags’

ASIC have issued some ‘red flag’ warnings for SMSFs. We show how SMSF trustees can avoid being caught out.

Investing, SMSF

How SMSFs are using robo-advice

More SMSFs are using robo-advice to reduce time and effort with investing.