Welcome to the new-look Stockspot!

To celebrate our 5 year anniversary, we’re refreshing our visual brand to better reflect the experience we strive to deliver to our clients every day.

As you may know, Stockspot was started five years ago because our CEO saw too many people getting ripped off by high fees and poor investment advice. For five years we’ve focused on making investing simpler and fairer and helping thousands of Australians like you grow their wealth in a smart and disciplined way.

As we continue to grow our core product offering and improve our customer experience, we want our brand to reflect our reason for being and what we believe in – that investing should be easy and affordable for all Australians.

Making investing easy and effortless for you takes our team time and effort in the background to get right. We continue to invest in smart technology, optimising our algorithms and conducting meticulous research on the best investment products for clients.

Our brand identity

We wanted our new brand identify to reflect the sophistication of the products we’ve built that enable our clients to enjoy ‘effortless investing’.

You’ll start to see the new look of our brand roll out across our logo, website, blog, app and in other communications in the coming months. The evolution of our brand will continue, just as our product and customer experience will continue to evolve and grow.

In addition to a new look for the brand, we’ve also adjusted our Platinum membership entry level to $200,000 (previously $500,000). For clients investing this amount we now offer a dedicated adviser and personal transition and implementation plan to help you move towards a diversified, low-cost investment strategy.

You can find out more about our membership tiers here.

This marks an exciting time for Stockspot, for the team and for our customers as we continue to focus on changing the investing game in Australia.

The Stockspot logo

You’ll notice that we’ve kept the same brand mark icon for our logo, with a fresh new colour.  For the curious, the brand mark itself is a geometric figure known as a ‘fractal’, and each of the 3 elements is actually the same shape, just in a different size and position. It represents similar patterns recurring at progressively larger scales, which is a phenomenon of market cycles.  

Our new colour palette

One of the things that will be changing across our identity are the colours that we use across our website and other communications. This new colour palette is a step away from the traditional hues you see in most finance brands. This reflects our focus on redefining the experience of getting great financial advice.

New visual language

As well as refreshing our suite of colours, we are also introducing a new approach to imagery.  Most financial brands explain investing concepts in jargon that can be complex or confusing. Instead, we’re always striving to explain tricky concepts in a simple way so we use imagery to do that.  As well as imagery, we also use icons – simple line illustrations – to communicate ideas.

You’ll see this new brand identity rolling out over the coming months.  We hope you like it as much as we do!

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Head of Marketing

Melanie has over 20 years experience in marketing with many local digital disruptors, most recently as the Director of Marketing for Stan, and previously as the Head of Brand & Acquisition for CommSec. She holds a Bachelor of Business with a double major in Marketing & Management from Charles Sturt University.

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