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Portfolio Investment Management Guide

The best way to build a successful portfolio is to understand the fundamentals of investing. Stockspot explains how to build a portfolio that will last.

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What was the proposed NSW Kids Future Fund?

What is the proposed NSW Kids Future Fund? What are the best ways to help kids invest to achieve their financial goals?

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How to reinvest dividends

Reinvesting dividends is a proven and simple way to grow your wealth and portfolio. Stockspot breaks down the important things you need to know when reinvesting your dividends.

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Investing lessons from Bloomberg’s ETF guru

The key insights we learned from meeting one of the best-regarded ETF researchers in the world.

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Passive investing in Australia

Passive investing can be confusing, so we’ve put together this guide to help you understand passive investing before you begin your investing journey.


Robo advisers vs Financial Advisers

Stockspot looks at the key differences between robo-advisers and financial advisers.

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Super funds shouldn’t be ‘marking their own homework’

Super funds ‘marking their own homework’ is becoming a systemic risk that needs to be addressed.

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What’s up with Vanguard?

Vanguard, the ETF giant, has presented an odd submission to the Quality of Advice Review.

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What Is A Managed Fund?

A managed fund is an investment vehicle where your money is pooled with other investors. It’s combined capital, which could be invested across a range of asset classes such as shares, bonds, property and infrastructure.

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My conversation with an industry legend

Over a stunning 40-year career, this man helped pioneer passive investing, making it accessible for millions around the world.


Why is financial advice important?

Getting the right financial advice is important for people of all ages, and maximises investment outcomes.


Where Are the Customers’ Yachts? The problem with wealth management in Australia

One of the reasons I started Stockspot was that I saw too many people getting poor investment advice.

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eToro Australia Review 2021: compare share trading apps

eToro is a share trading app/platform with a ‘social’ element. Our eToro Australia review shows how short-term trading apps like are different to long-term investing apps.


Manage your personal finances with these top Australian fintechs

The Australian financial industry was once slow-moving, but technology has accelerated over the last 10 years, and we now have a thriving sector of over 600 Australian fintechs.

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The cost of moving to cash

Is moving to cash your best move after a large share market fall? We look at some of the long term risks you might not have considered.

Women Investing
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What’s holding women back from investing?

We reveal what’s holding women back – and how to overcome these barriers to investing.

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Before you start investing

If you don’t have the money to invest just yet, here’s some helpful hints to get started.


What Labor’s proposed changes to franking credits mean

Everything you need to know about Labor’s proposed franking credit changes.