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Client story: Whitney Luxford

Whitney Luxford is a registered paramedic and entrepreneur from Sydney. She spoke to Stockspot about her extensive career in aviation and why she chose Stockspot to help manage her investments.

Meet Whitney

Hi there, my name is Whitney Luxford. I am a registered paramedic from Sydney who has spent the last 30 years specialising in aviation health and have had the amazing opportunity to work for Australia’s largest airlines within their medical departments.

During COVID-19 I was a senior clinical lead within the Qantas Group and was responsible for the repatriation of thousands of Australians from all over the world back to Australia. Every day was spent providing advice and protocols to protect our crew and customers. I led two missions to Wuhan, Hubei Province in February 2020 on behalf of the Australian Government and Qantas.

“Stockspot doesn’t have the rigidity that banks do, for example, when investing in the stock market.

Since retiring from my corporate role in 2022, I have been developing two businesses which specialise in aviation health. Aviation Health Group is a consultancy and education business. It provides advice and project management support to airlines globally when developing, implementing or reviewing aviation health programs. This covers things such as inflight medical equipment and training, wellbeing and health programs for workers or education for health professionals when helping during an inflight medical event.

I recently was accepted into the Australian Clinical Entrepreneurial Program (AUSCEP), which mentors and supports clinicians who are developing health-based businesses. 

With the help of the amazing mentors and network at AUSCEP we are building the world’s first digital health solution for airline medical clearances for passengers who have an acute or chronic medical condition and need to travel by air. This solution will reduce use of paper-based forms, manual processes and will provide clinical logic to provide instant approvals when completed by the passengers’ doctor or hospital.

A little bit about my work

I have always had a business running in the background and have loved the autonomy and freedom to be agile and solve a problem swiftly. Whilst I have also loved the corporate world, it is often hamstrung by processes, others’ availability and their priorities. 

Having your own business allows you to move as fast or as slow as you want. It also provides an ability to have amazing blue-sky thinking without having to go through approvals and sign off, which, often in the corporate world, takes time. 

This doesn’t mean we are careless or reckless in our own business. Governance and precise execution remain paramount. However, we just have an ability to make things happen quickly having developed and gained years of experience in building businesses and solving problems.

Why I decided to trust Stockspot with our investment portfolio

I decided to trust Stockspot as it gives me the autonomy my own business gives me. Stockspot doesn’t have the rigidity that banks do, for example, when investing in the stock market. The management fees are low which makes it highly competitive against most other investment choices and they have achieved consistent returns. 

It is easy to invest and watch our investment grow via the Stockspot app. The Stockspot team is very receptive and available to provide guidance and support as needed, and we love the Fat Cat Funds Report by Chris [Brycki, Founder and CEO of Stockspot] every year.

What I like about Stockspot

There are a few things I like about Stockspot. The sign up process was relatively straightforward and simple and the Stockspot team is available to help you if you need it.

I’ve found the Stockspot dashboard and Stockspot app easy-to-use. They have a proven track record with low management fees, great client support and are a terrific bunch of people to deal with.

My investing experience with Stockspot

My investing experience with Stockspot has been great. It has been a pleasure working with the Stockspot team. Everyone is friendly and helpful. No question is off limits. They also provide great education whenever you speak to them which just increases your investor knowledge.

By investing with Stockspot we have been able to purchase an investment property and have been able to grow our business funds through investing.

A final word about investing

As Warren Buffett said “I wish I started invested earlier.”

The banks are not doing anyone any favours whilst increasing home loan interest rates they certainly have not increased savings and deposit rates at the same level! 

You will attain higher returns quicker and also longer-term investing reaps greater investment benefits which allows you to ride out the volatility.

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