New ETFs in Australia 2022

A summary of all the newly listed ASX ETFs in 2022.

The past 12 months saw 35 new ETFs being launched and 2 ETFs closing down. As of March 2022, there were 266 ETFs on the ASX and Cboe Australia. One of the most noticeable trends was the large growth in thematic ETFs.

Thematic ETFs are constructed to invest in particular investment themes or sectors. In our 2021 report, we found that thematic ETFs grew by over 400%, and we continue to see a strong appetite from the ETF issuers to launch these products. For example, thematic ETFs in the areas of hydrogen, cryptocurrency, electric vehicles and semiconductors were all launched over the past year.

Generally, recently launched ETFs follow themes that have performed well over the short term. The recent positive performance can trick investors into placing bets against future performance. However, like most themes, they tend to mean revert (i.e. return to their long term average), and that can lead to market timing which is extremely hard to get right.

Thematic ETFs: things to be aware of

High fees

Despite their popularity, it costs more to construct a thematic ETF, which in turn, leads to higher fees. The average thematic ETF charges 0.57% per year in fees, which is five times the cost of a broad based share ETF.

Shorter life spans

Thematic ETFs can get terminated if they don’t attract enough money. They’re high-risk/high-reward bets, so it’s up to the investor to limit their exposure to thematic ETFs and focus on less risky, lower cost and more diversified products that focus on all sectors and themes.

Poor performance

Unfortunately, trendy thematic ETFs have lost Australian investors more than $100 million over the past year. ETF issuers can influence investors to chase past historical returns by launching a trendy ETF right at the peak of its interest, which normally attracts retail investor money. 

New ETFs: Active funds turning to ETFs

Active fund managers have always been shy of ETFs, preferring to invest via traditional mutual funds or listed investment companies (LICs). However, we have seen these fund managers recently favouring the ETF structure given the liquidity and tax efficient characteristics. 18 active strategies were launched in Australia over the past year, including fund managers such as Magellan, Resolution Capital, Janus Henderson, Fidelity and Australian Ethical.

New ETFs summary table by launch date (March 2021 – March 2022)

ETF CodeETF NameSectorFeeLaunch Date
BHYBBetaShares Australian Major Bank Hybrids Index ETFFixed Income & Cash 0.35%Apr’21
IESGiShares Core MSCI Australia ESG Leaders ETFAustralian Shares (strategies)0.09%Jun’21
MAATMonash Absolute Active Trust (Hedge Fund)Australian Shares (active)2.26%Jun’21
SEMIETFS Semiconductor ETFGlobal Shares (sectors)0.57%Aug’21
MHHTMagellan High Conviction Trust (Managed Fund)Global Shares (active)1.50%Aug’21
GCAPVanEck Bentham Global Capital Securities Active ETF (Managed Fund)Fixed Income & Cash 0.59%Aug’21
FUTRJanus Henderson Global Sustainable Active ETF (Managed Fund)Global Shares (active)0.80%Sep’21
HGENETFS Hydrogen ETFGlobal Shares (sectors)0.69%Oct’21
LSGELoomis Sayles Global Equity Fund (Quoted Managed Fund)Global Shares (active)0.99%Oct’21
GIVEPerpetual Ethical SRI Fund (Managed Fund)Global Shares (active)0.65%Nov’21
CRYPBetaShares Crypto Innovators ETFGlobal Shares (sectors)0.67%Nov’21
GPEQVanEck Global Listed Private Equity ETFGlobal Shares (sectors)0.92%Nov’21
DHOFDaintree Hybrid Opportunities Fund (Managed Fund)Fixed Income & Cash 0.75%Nov’21
AMVEAllianceBernstein Managed Volatility Equities Fund (MVE Class)Global Shares (active)0.55%Apr’21
FPAYMagellan FuturePayGlobal Shares (active)1.00%Jun’21
FIXDCoolabah Active Composite Bond Fund (Hedge Fund)Fixed Income & Cash 0.30%Jun’21
DIGACosmos Global Digital Miners Access ETFGlobal Shares (sectors)0.90%Oct’21
FTECETFS Fintech & Blockchain ETFGlobal Shares (sectors)0.69%Oct’21
TLRATalaria Global Equity Fund (Managed Fund)Global Shares (active)0.02%Nov’21
TLRHTalaria Global Equity Fund – Currency HedgedGlobal Shares (active)0.01%Nov’21
DRIVBetaShares Electric Vehicles and Future Mobility ETFGlobal Shares (sectors)0.67%Dec’21
IPAYBetaShares Future of Payments ETFGlobal Shares (sectors)0.67%Dec’21
FDEMFidelity Global Demographics Fund (Managed Fund)Global Shares (active)0.89%Dec’21
IDEAPerpetual Global Innovation Share Fund (Managed Fund)Global Shares (active)1.01%Dec’21
FATPFat Prophets Global High Conviction Hedge FundGlobal Shares (active)1.77%Jan’22
MCCLMunro Climate Change Leaders Fund (Managed Fund)Global Shares (active)0.90%Jan’22
GAMEBetaShares Video Games and Esports ETFGlobal Shares (sectors)0.57%Feb’22
IBUYBetaShares Online Retail and E-Commerce ETFGlobal Shares (sectors)0.67%Feb’22
MCGGMunro Concentrated Global Growth Fund (Managed Fund)Global Shares (active)0.70%Feb’22
RCAPResolution Capital Global Property Securities Fund (Managed Fund)Global Shares (active)0.80%Feb’22
OZBDBetaShares Australian Composite Bond ETFFixed Income & Cash 0.19%Feb’22
AEAEAustralian Ethical High Conviction Fund (Managed Fund)Australian Shares (active)0.80%Feb’22
EDOCBetaShares Digital Health and Telemedicine ETFGlobal Shares (sectors)0.67%Mar’22
JZROJanus Henderson Net Zero Active ETF (Managed Fund)Global Shares (active)0.85%Mar’22
NNUKNanuk New World Fund (Managed Fund)Global Shares (active)1.10%Mar’22
Source: ASX, Cboe Australia
If you want to find out which Australian ETFs attracted the most investors in 2022, head straight to our 2022 ETF report, and make sure you know exactly what you’re investing in. 

  • Marc Jocum

    Investment Manager

    Marc has previously worked for Morgan Stanley, AMP and KPMG. He holds a Bachelor of Business (Finance/Accounting) from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), and has completed his Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Level 1.

Investment Manager

Marc has previously worked for Morgan Stanley, AMP and KPMG. He holds a Bachelor of Business (Finance/Accounting) from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), and has completed his Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Level 1.

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