Kids invest for free

We all want the best for the little ones in our life, so we’ve made investing for children free!

We all want the best for the little ones in our life. So naturally as investing evangelists we believe children should be able to benefit from investing in the same way adults can.

Which is why clients who invest on behalf of a child will no longer be charged fees for portfolios up to $10,000^.

Why are are we doing this?

We believe that saving and investing are incredibly important topics that children miss out on learning at school. If more children get first-hand experience seeing the benefits of regular saving and compound returns, it will be one of the most valuable financial lessons they’ll get in life.

Invest in their future

Stockspot is a simple low-cost way to invest for your children and teach them about the power of long-term compound growth. Investing early is also a powerful way to help them gain financial independence.

We know raising children in Australia is not exactly an exercise in frugality.
Everything. Costs. Money.

From school uniforms, three nutritious meals a day, clean underwear and music lessons. Yes, they are costly critters! The average Australian child costs around $406,000 to raise.

By investing slowly over the years you can help them to afford those bigger ticket items they’ll need or want in the future. It might be their education, a car, a house deposit or traveling the world, investing can help get them there.

Hear why our client Diana invests for her children

Kids need a better way to save

There are plenty of children’s savings accounts offered by the banks. Some are decent but many have all sorts of terms and conditions applied to the introductory rates. Plus we all know the banks will be sending them credit card offers as soon as they reach the right age.

Then there are the old fashioned investment bonds and managed funds that come with old fashioned high fees. And you never really know what your money is invested in.

In the 4 years we’ve been up and running, Stockspot’s portfolios have returned on average 5.7% p.a. to 7.9% p.a, and we’re completely transparent about what you own and the fees you pay.

How do I get access?

It’s really easy. Simply sign-up online and select ‘investing for a child’.

Answer a few questions about your goals and investment timeframe and we’ll recommend a suitable investment portfolio.

The minimum investment to get started is $2,000.

You can also start with smaller amounts and when your balance reaches $2,000 we’ll invest it for you.

Find out how Stockspot makes it easy to grow your wealth and invest in your future.

^ Full terms: To qualify you need to select ‘Investing for someone under 18’ when you join. Stockspot’s minimum investment amount is $2,000, however you can make smaller deposits that will be invested when your balance reaches $2,000. Stockspot management fees will be waived until your child’s portfolio reaches $10,000 after which Stockspot’s regular fee tiers apply. The ETFs that we invest in have their own management fees which are included in the unit price. To invest in Australia it’s a legal requirement to be 18 years or over. We offer two options for parents or relatives to invest for children: a) You can invest as an individual client. The investments are held in your name from a legal and tax perspective, but we can add your child’s name to the account which acts as an identifier. Or b) You can invest on behalf of a child if you are a trustee of a Family Trust or Discretionary Trust and your child is a beneficiary. From a legal and tax perspective the assets are held by the Trust. Before investing on behalf of your child you should speak to a tax adviser or accountant to be aware of the legal and tax consequences.

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Lauren is Stockspot's head of PR and communications. She helps us minimise the jargon and maximise the info that matters most to clients. She believes investing and creating financial security shouldn't be scary, difficult or only for those with a finance degree.

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