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Client story: Peter Henry

Peter Henry is an Australian naval engineer living in Texas. He shares his investing story, how he finds the Stockspot app easy to use and when he plans on returning to live in Australia.

Meet Peter Henry

Hi, I am Peter Henry. I’m the father of 3 young kids living in Houston, Texas since 2014. We moved here to work in the energy capital of the world and support my wife’s career progression at one of the world’s leading cancer centers. I am a chartered naval architect who spent 10 years designing and maintaining ships. I’ve transitioned to the insurance industry working on large complex claims in the energy sector. My wife and I have moved around the world over the last 15 years having worked and lived in multiple cities in Australia and abroad. 

Why we decided to trust Stockspot with our investment portfolio 

We had been keeping our money in low risk, low return markets for a number of years. This was on the basis that we thought we would need the money for a larger purchase. We realised that our move overseas really meant that we weren’t likely to invest in a house. At least in the shorter term. 

In an effort to ensure more growth of our funds we looked at different options. Both in the United States and Australia. We were advised about Stockspot by a family member after considering a few different ETFs (exchange traded funds). 

We ultimately went with Stockspot after a few favourable reviews and seeing how easy it was to keep informed about how our investments were doing with both the app and online dashboard. As an expat, with plans to move back to Sydney during 2022, it’s nice to know our funds are already in Australia when we get home. 

How our investment has performed

We’re certainly on our way to our investment goals. I think the stability of the portfolio has meant we haven’t kept too much of an eye on the noise throughout the pandemic. The ease of seeing both the trend throughout the investment cycle and actual growth within the app means it’s been easy to keep track of how we’re progressing. 

Living in the United States, we’ve found it incredibly convenient to transfer funds. When the exchange rate is favourable we transfer directly into our cash account. This is then seamlessly added to our portfolio. I think the ease at which we can add to our account has ensured we maximise our growth. Rather than having funds sit in a stagnant savings account. 

“We ultimately went with Stockspot after a few favourable reviews and seeing how easy it was to keep informed about our investments.

Stockspot is easy to use

When we signed up Sarah [King, head of client care and advice at Stockspot] was very responsive to any queries we had when working through the paperwork. 

Once we had everything submitted it was a quick turnaround to have our funds invested. 

Our investing experience with Stockspot has been seamless and easy. I wish we had heard of Stockspot earlier rather than having our money sit idle for a number of years. 

What I like about Stockspot

It is the simplicity and security that attracts me to Stockspot. It’s easy to find hurdles to investing your money and therefore leave any savings in a low interest account. 

Stockspot has seemingly made it quite simple to establish an account. After the initial funding you can also add additional funds. All whilst giving the ability to tailor the investment to your risk appetite. 

My advice to people considering investing

I’m an engineer who’s always been a little risk averse. However, I’d suggest looking into the timeframe you’re needing the money. If you’re looking for steady growth then investing in an ETF like Stockspot starts building wealth the earlier you invest. 

It’s always reassuring when opening the Stockspot app to see the total account return. There’s no doubt I’ve made the right decision each time I see our progress towards our investment objectives. 

If your money is stagnant in a savings account see how you can get it to work for you. You spend enough time trying to accumulate wealth. Having your funds work for you as early as possible is a way to help maximise your chances of achieving your goals.

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