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Client story: Michael and Marika Coghill

Michael and Marika Coghill are small business owners from Perth. This married couple spoke to Stockspot about their young family, their investment journey and how easy it is to use Stockspot.

Meet Michael and Marika Coghill

Hi, we’re Michael and Marika Coghill. We are a married couple with three young children. Michael runs a business called Total Green Recycling and is Perth’s biggest electronic waste (e-waste) recycler. Marika works part-time as a radiation therapist, treating cancer patients.

Why we decided to trust Stockspot with our investment portfolio

We came across Stockspot around five years ago. We’d heard of a similar platform in the USA and then were looking for something similar offered in Australia. We took a bit of a punt initially investing just $2,000 in Stockspot. We found returns reasonable and customer service was good. It’s a simple and easy way to invest some of our funds for our SMSF (self-managed super fund). 

How our investment has performed

Previously, our SMSF hadn’t had much luck on positive returns.

By moving our SMSF to Stockspot, we have found it to be a good and safe option. Stockspot has provided us with long-term investment options and returns that matched or were better than standard superannuation funds.

“What we like about Stockspot is its simplicity. It’s set and forget.

Stockspot is easy to use

The investing experience, including the sign up process, was relatively simple and straightforward.

Overall, the experience has been good. The online platform is user friendly, and investing is straightforward.

However, we have found reconciling and doing our ITR (income tax return) a little time consuming. There are so many small transactions which need to be reconciled.

What we like about Stockspot

What we like about Stockspot is its simplicity. It’s set and forget. You can get real-time information on what your portfolio is doing, monthly newsletters and tips from Chris and the team.

Our advice to people considering investing

It’s best to take a long-term approach on investing. Markets will fluctuate but stick it out for the long term and you will reap the rewards.

Stockspot is definitely a good, safe option for anyone starting out investing. It has consistent returns, simplifies investment whilst allowing you to diversify in a number of ETFs (exchange traded funds) and other investment opportunities without the hassle of doing it yourself. It also rebalances your portfolio depending on what the market is doing.

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