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Client story: Liam Flynn

Liam Flynn is a licensed commercial Yachtmaster and professional chef living and working in regional Queensland. Liam spoke to Stockspot about his restaurants, his days sailing across the world and why he chose to invest with Stockspot.

Meet Liam Flynn

Hi there, my name is Liam Flynn. I’m a licensed commercial Yachtmaster and have been a professional chef for the past 35 years.

I’ve been self-employed for 21 of those years, running my small French/Italian restaurant – Flynn’s Restaurant – in Yungaburra for 18 years and now running Malanda Falls Cafe, in Malanda for the past three years. 

I was inspired to be self-employed by my father. He realised that it was probably the best way to be financially independent as a chef.

After running a small hole in the wall kitchen at 21-years-old, I gained a lot of confidence in running a business and the money I earned was a big improvement on working for someone else.

I also enjoy riding motorcycles and travelling. I’m currently single but have a grown up son who lives in France. 

My sailing days

I spent seven years travelling and working on sailing yachts all around the world. I’ve sailed from the Cannes Film Festival to the Greek islands.

I’ve sailed across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and many places in between. I hold an International Yachtmaster captain’s licence for up to 24m sailing yachts. 

“I took a leap of faith with Stockspot after someone mentioned it to me. I have spare cash and decided that I wanted to diversify my investments. 

I sailed great passages, from Gibraltar to Monaco, across the Atlantic from Southampton to Annapolis via Azores and Bermuda. And across the Pacific for a year from San Diego to Auckland. 

My favourite places to sail were quite a few. Sailing around Cape Cod, up in Maine were beautiful places in the summer. But also in the Mediterranean, the Aeolian Islands near Sicily, as well Sardinia and Corsica and many parts of Greece were picturesque too. And of course, there is a lot of very good produce and great food. Regattas are fun. I’ve sailed small boats in the Virgin Islands and large yachts in St Barths and St Tropez. 

Why I decided to trust Stockspot with my investment portfolio

I took a leap of faith with Stockspot after someone mentioned it to me. I have spare cash and decided that I wanted to diversify my investments. 

The Stockspot portfolios looked sensibly balanced and after talking to a couple of brokers, I realised that Stockspot probably offered the same service for a lot less cost.

What I like most about Stockspot

The Stockspot sign up process was simple, uncomplicated and user friendly for a novice. 

I think the website is very well-organised and user friendly. I like that I can easily sign in and take a peek at my portfolio performance.

My investing goals

At the moment, I am waiting for better returns. I put my money into a portfolio a little over a year ago and so far the market has not been great.

Although the markets are volatile, my experience is relatively painless. I think that my portfolio is reasonably hedged.

A final word about investing

If I was advising a friend who asked me about investing, I would suggest that, if they have enough to play with, opening an account and dollar-cost averaging into a medium risk portfolio to invest for a period of five or more years depending on their age and other factors. 

My big money tip has always been to live within your means and keep out of debt. Taking on debt is robbing your future self.

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