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Client story: Duncan Hilder

Duncan Hilder is a horticulturist living in Melbourne. He spoke to Stockspot about starting his unique business after a trip to New York and why he uses Stockspot to manage his sustainable portfolio.

Hi, I’m Duncan

Hi, my name is Duncan Hilder. I’m from Sydney but have lived in Melbourne the last five years with my partner Deanne and our dog Chico. 

I’m a qualified horticulturist and co-founder of The Plant Runner, an e-commerce business focusing on plant care products. We retail direct to the public but also wholesale with more than 300 stockists across Australia and New Zealand.

It was on a trip to New York that I was inspired to start my business. I saw a converted UPS truck that had become a mobile greenhouse. I thought something similar would be awesome in Melbourne. 

My business partner Dom and I found an old horse float. We then spent the next six months converting it into Australia’s first mobile plant shop. The business evolved as we realised how many of our customers were new to indoor plants and plant care. So, we started producing our own range of easy-to-use fertilisers and potting mixes.

Why I decided to invest with Stockspot

I decided to invest with Stockspot partially because I went to school with the founder and CEO, Chris Brycki! I remember Chris always winning investment competitions. 

Also, it seemed like a great way for me to dabble in ‘investing’ without the stress of managing my portfolios or having to do a ton of reading. 

The Stockspot customer service has been great and the whole platform is really easy to use and see how your money is performing.

“The Stockspot customer service has been great and the whole platform is really easy to use and see how your money is performing.

My investing experience with Stockspot

My investing experience with Stockspot has been fantastic. It’s been a great way to invest without the stress of having to manage the funds myself. My returns have been equal to, if not above, what I expected.  

The sign up process, though a long time ago, was easy as. It was very user friendly and explanatory. 

What I like about Stockspot

What I like about Stockspot is that it’s low maintenance, zero fuss and super user-friendly. I also love the goal tracker feature.

Using Stockspot to achieve my investment goals

By using Stockspot I am well and truly on my way to achieving my investment goals. I’ve had to dip in and take cash out a couple of times. However, I’ve still managed to keep on track for my goals and the portfolio has been performing really well.  

My money tips for those considering investing

I’ve already recommended Stockspot to a number of friends. Right now, with interest rates so low, keeping money in the bank doesn’t do anything for you. Even with the turbulence in the markets recently, my investments have still been doing better than the bank. 

Don’t be turned off by investing because you don’t understand it. Start small with an amount you’re ok with losing and take it from there!

Stockspot builds and manages your sharemarket portfolio for you, so you can get on with enjoying life and not having to worry about picking stocks.

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