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Client story: Chris Efthimiou

Chris Efthimiou is a father and property technology professional from Melbourne. He spoke to Stockspot about his growing family and why he chose Stockspot as his investment manager.

Meet Chris Efthimiou

Hello, my name is Chris Efthimiou.

I am in my mid 30s, I’m married to my amazing wife who I met whilst I was living in the UK, and we now have three amazing children all aged under three. We have twin boys and our new daughter we welcomed into the world recently. 

We live in Melbourne and I am the sales director at a fast-growing and innovative property technology business called Erin Living. I have been with the business since the get-go so it is a very demanding but also rewarding job. I also like to keep fit when I can, love sports and good times with family and friends.

A little about my work

I joined Erin Living as employee number one and I am a partner. I had been working with the founders even before then as the business resonates with me quite well. Erin Living solves a number of pain points for residents living in apartment buildings. When I was approached about the opportunity, I had recently moved into an apartment I purchased with my wife a few years earlier off the plan. 

There were a number of frustrations with that process such as the move-in process, gaining access to the building, booking the amazing amenities and engaging with the community. 

“The Stockspot sign up process was easy, simple and clear. Working in technology myself, I know how important the user experience is, so this was a great first impression I gained with Stockspot.

Erin Living provides these functions and much more and as I experienced the issues first hand, I am passionate about taking the platform to market to help others get the most out of their apartment living experience.

Why I decided to trust Stockspot with my investment portfolio

I decided to trust Stockspot with my investments for a couple of reasons.

12 months ago, my older brother brought the platform to my attention. I often speak to him about finance. We were saving money for our twins after they were born and it was at an amount where we wanted to invest it for them and get it working. 

Stockspot had great reviews. I really rate Chris Brycki and love the content he pushes out in the market and it seems like a credible and well-run company. 

I have been investing in shares for a long time so I knew a bit about it, but loved how Stockspot takes away all the stress so we just focus on depositing money into the account each month and watching it grow. Now, we are doing the same for our daughter. We look forward to gifting it to our kids in 20 years or so. 

The Stockspot sign up process was easy, simple and clear

The Stockspot sign up process was easy, simple and clear.

Working in technology myself, I know how important the user experience is, so this was a great first impression I gained with Stockspot.

What I like most about Stockspot

The thing I like most about Stockspot is that it’s easy, trustworthy and transparent. With all of these characteristics, the choice is simple.

The content that is consistently published letting us know how the market is and just how clear and transparent our investments are performing. It really has been the answer for investing for my kids’ futures.

What investing with Stockspot is like

Investing with Stockspot is very easy. I personally love how automated it is and how we do not have to worry about anything. 

I have set up monthly transfers from my account and it transfers into separate Stockspot portfolios for my twin boys and daughter. 

I have recommended it to so many people and it is a great and safe way to help my kids in their future. One which I am sure will be an expensive one for them!

How I would advise a friend in need

I have always believed that you need to get money working for you. Money makes money at the end of the day and there are so many choices. Property, shares, private businesses and more!

If you are busy (like us all) and don’t have too much time to research these options, Stockspot is an excellent way to get your money working for you without much fuss. As some say, cash is trash!

A final word about investing

Investing is all about balance. 

Life is meant to be lived so it is important to spend money and enjoy it whilst investing and preparing for the future. Some prepare for the future too much and forget about the present. So a balanced and easy approach to your finances is key. 

I have always treated my income as life expenses (like mortgage, bills etc), some for investing for the future and some for a nice beer and meal at the pub with friends and family. 

With this balanced approach and with a platform like Stockspot managing the investment pile, one’s mind should be at ease!

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