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Client story: Bruce Djite

Bruce Djite is a father of two from Adelaide. He spoke to Stockspot about his former life as a professional footballer, his current role looking after property and why he uses Stockspot to help him with his investing.

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Meet Bruce Djite

Hi, I’m Bruce. 

I am a husband and a father of two. I formerly played professional football and I am currently the South Australia Executive Director of the Property Council of Australia.

When I was 8-years-old I knew being a professional footballer was all I wanted to be. I didn’t consider other career paths. The thought of doing something other than soccer never crossed my mind.

“I started investing with Stockspot for my children and it has allowed me to stay on track and outperformed similar investments over time. 

One of the greatest rewards that came with being a professional footballer was the opportunity to travel and experience the world and all it has to offer. I have learnt countless things about myself, business, politics, international relations, cultures and societies.

My experiences have shaped my views on every decision I make each and every day. The experience of living in such different and diverse countries has given me, what I believe to be, a well-rounded view of the world.

Why I’ve decided to trust Stockspot with my investment portfolio

I have been a keen investor for a little over a decade and Stockspot was and continues to be the perfect platform for me.

It provided a perfect solution, combining low fees with a variety of asset allocation mixes based on the client’s tolerance for risk. 

It saved me a lot of time when it came to the end of the financial year as tax calculations had already been completed. 

Most importantly, for me, it allowed me to invest in a basket of assets. It also minimised volatility and ultimately removed my urge to check the performance of my portfolio as regularly. This led to less transactions and more consistent and disciplined behaviour, which has allowed my assets to grow.

The Stockspot sign up process was brilliant and simple

The Stockspot sign up process was brilliant, seamless, online and simple.

The investment experience with Stockspot has been excellent. It is a seamless process overall. The Stockspot investing dashboard is clear and easy to understand. 

I have such faith in the platform, I have recommended it to a number of friends, because it does not matter if you are investing small or large amounts of money, it is great for all investors.

What I like about Stockspot

I like everything about Stockspot. It provides a transparent, liquid and low-cost option to investing large or small sums of money and most importantly each of the portfolio strategies consistently perform strongly.

My investing goals

Stockspot has certainly been an important part of my investment portfolio. 

I started investing with Stockspot for my children and it has allowed me to stay on track and outperformed similar investments over time. 

It certainly has put me on the path to achieving the investment goals I had set. I am sure when my kids are older, they will thank me for investing through Stockspot.

What money lessons I will teach my children

My children will learn that any legitimate rewards, monetary or otherwise can only come from hard work. I will make sure they are mindful of how much work it takes to earn money and therefore they should be careful to spend it on things they truly consider rewarding. 

I also plan to show them the benefits of compound interest and how investments can grow over time.

My advice about investing

Direct debit transfers, no matter how big or small, are a fantastic strategy for investing. Get in the habit of doing this and you will be surprised how quickly your investment portfolio will grow.

Investing, especially following the rapid rise in interest rates, is tricky. However, diversity is crucial to investing success, so whilst returns for cash savings have increased, not only does Stockspot have a Stockspot cash option, there is also the option to gain exposure to a higher return portfolio. 

So, in short, my advice would be to adopt a diversification strategy that allows for a mix of assets.

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