2019 ETF Research Report, ETF Performance Tables

ETF Performance Tables – Other ETFs (Currency, Commodities, and Multi Asset)

Summary of all currency, commodity, multi-asset, and all other ETFs by Performance and Returns.

Overall Trends and Average Returns

Currency ETFs had mixed performance. The USD benefited from higher interest rate, and the Pound and Euro weakened as tensions surrounding BREXIT unfolded. Commodities had an average 1 year return of 6.7%. The ETFS Precious Metals Basket (ETPMPM) which holds a basket of commodities including Gold, Platinum, Palladium, and Silver rose 17.8% over the year.

Best Performers

Palladium was the key standout commodity to own as the ETFS Physical Palladium (ETPMPD) rose 52.4% over the year. Both the BetaShares U.S Dollar ETF (USD) and ETFS Physical US Dollar ETF (ZUSD) benefiting from the rising USD.

Worst Performers

Excluding leveraged ETFs, Betashares Crude Oil Index ETF-Currency Hedged (Synthetic) was the worst performing with -6.4%.

Largest Inflows/Outflows

Vanguard’s recently launched diversified Multi-Asset ETFs continues to attract flows. Across their 4 strategies, they accumulated 277m in net flows over the past year. In terms of outflows, a dovish Fed in the USA meant investors were looking to get rid of their US dollars which saw the USD ETF with -164m of net outflows.

Stockspot’s Chosen ETF

GOLD is our chosen ETF. With $656m in FUM, attracting 40m of flows over the last year and performed well as a defense returning 4.6%. The spreads are a third of the size of some of its competitor products.

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Other ETFs Performance Table

Currency ETFs

CodeFund NameFee (MER)FUM Mar’19 ($m)FUM change ($m)1 Yr Return3 Yr Return (p.a)
POUBetaShares British Pound ETF0.45%18-91.2%-0.4%
EEUBetaShares Euro ETF0.45%6-2-1.8%1.9%
USDBetaShares U.S Dollar ETF0.45%350-1259.8%3.1%
ZUSDETFS Physical US Dollar ETF0.30%6-79.6%2.7%
AUDSBetaShares Strong Australian Dollar Fund (Hedge Fund)1.38%2-1-19.0%
YANKBetaShares Strong US Dollar Fund (Hedge Fund)1.38%10-417.7%

Commodity ETFs

CodeFund NameFee (MER)FUM Mar’19 ($m)FUM change ($m)1 Yr Return3 Yr Return (p.a)
QCBBetaShares Commodities Basket ETF-Currency Hedged (Synthetic)0.69%9-1-5.4%0.4%
OOOBetashares Crude Oil Index ETF-Currency Hedged (Synthetic)0.69%311-6.4%8.0%
QAUBetaShares Gold Bullion ETF (AU$ Hedged)0.59%7923-4.4%0.4%
GOLDETFS Physical Gold0.40%656744.6%3.8%
ETPMPDETFS Physical Palladium0.49%2152.4%34.7%
ETPMPTETFS Physical Platinum0.49%21-2.5%-3.1%
ETPMPMETFS Precious Metals Basket0.44%7217.8%10.2%
ETPMAGETFS Physical Silver 0.49%614-1.0%1.7%
PMGOLDPerth Mint Gold0.15%171375.1%4.3%

Multi-asset ETFs

CodeFund NameFee (MER)FUM Mar’19 ($m)FUM change ($m)1 Yr Return3 Yr Return (p.a)
VDBAVanguard Diversified Balanced Index ETF0.27%92808.1%
VDCOVanguard Diversified Conservative Index ETF0.27%35316.8%
VDGRVanguard Diversified Growth Index ETF0.27%97799.1%
VDHGVanguard Diversified High Growth Index ETF0.27%1461029.8%

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