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Client story: Charlotte Byrne

Charlotte is a mother and registered nurse from Sydney now living in regional Victoria. She spoke to Stockspot about raising children as a single parent, why she had to start looking after her finances and which podcast helped her learn about investing.

Meet Charlotte

Hi, my name is Charlotte. I am an almost-50 registered nurse and divorced mother of three children living in regional Victoria. When I became a sole parent my finances did not look great.  

I had very little super and no savings and I had taken over the mortgage on the family home. Probably a very common story for working mothers who find themselves separated!

I was raised in Sydney by parents who I knew had invested money but I had very little understanding of how it worked, how they had got started and what it was all about.

When I re-partnered in 2016 I began my research into investing and making extra contributions to my super. 

My partner invests and that was helpful, however, I really needed to first understand how it worked so that I felt confident to make an informed decision. I didn’t want to be spending my time with the buy, buy, buy, sell, sell, sell! approach that I had seen in the movies.

Why I decided to trust Stockspot with your investment portfolio

I first heard about Stockspot through a podcast called You’re In Good Company which was a fantastic introduction to investing, by women, for women and I was able to listen, take notes, ask questions to ensure I was understanding the new investing terms and it built my confidence in the investing process.

Stockspot were recommended for those of us wanting to invest against a personal risk profile in a simple, low-cost way that took the hard work out of investing. 

I jumped on the Stockspot website and had a look around and I was very pleased to see that Stockspot offered sustainable portfolios as an investing option.

The Stockspot sign up process

The Stockspot sign up process was straightforward and after completing the paperwork I was contacted via email and encouraged to ask any questions.

My investing experience with Stockspot

Investing with Stockspot has been incredibly easy. 

I make the deposits into my investing account, leave the investing to the experts and I can watch my account value increase. 

I know that I am investing in a sustainable portfolio that focuses on responsible acquisitions which prioritise climate change, renewable energy and gender diversity and I can get on with my busy life.

My investing goals

According to the Stockspot app goal tracker I am on track to reach my retirement goals and with my mortgage now almost gone I am very confident about my financial future.

What I like about Stockspot

I have confidence in Stockspot’s reputation and trust is crucial in the investing world.  

I like that the Stockspot app gives me all the information that I need but if there is something else I want to know or a question I want to ask, I can easily make contact or attend a webinar and the information is shared and correspondence is timely.

A final word about investing

My advice to those considering investing is to learn about investing from reputable sources, make sure you feel confident about your investing choices and start young.

I have talked about investing with many friends and always give the advice to firstly put extra money into their super as a long-term savings plan but to start investing straightaway for medium- to long-term financial planning as this will provide them with the best way to ensure financial security once they finish working.  

My peers are educated working mums who have reached 50 and it is never too late to start but the sooner you start the better off you’ll be. 

I encourage them to talk with their children about investing too!

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