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Client story: Andrew Sambell

Andrew Sambell is from Sydney and works for a global marketing company. He shares why he chose Stockspot to help him with his investing.

Meet Andrew Sambell

Hi, I’m Andrew. 

I live in Sydney with my wife and I manage a team of customer success advocates for a global marketing technology company. I’ve been investing for years and was looking for another way to ensure the money my wife and I earn works as hard as we do to help set us up for a financially stable and healthy life.

“I took an interest in Stockspot because of their diversified, low fee and high return approach to investing across a wide spread of ETFs.

Why I’ve decided to trust Stockspot with my investment portfolio

I took an interest in Stockspot because of their diversified, low fee and high return approach to investing across a wide spread of ETFs. 

It was extremely attractive to me to access the range of investment verticals available, as well as the auto-purchasing feature which invests our deposits without having to think of which ETFs to select. It also gave me confidence that the platform automatically rebalances our portfolio for us, meaning our portfolio is always optimised for our financial goals.

Compared to other strategies and products we’d previously used, Stockspot’s approach fits our goals well.  

The Stockspot sign up process was quick and easy

The Stockspot sign up process was very easy. 

The online form was simple and straightforward. There was no paperwork to fill out and submit as it was all done online.

What I like about Stockspot

What I like about Stockspot is that it’s very easy to maintain. 

The mobile app is easy to use and allows you to quickly view your portfolio and where your funds have been invested. 

The customer support team are always very quick to respond to any questions, and hearing from the founder Chris Brycki on his financial recommendations and market reports provide good insights and education as to the strategy we’re all following at Stockspot. 

My investing experience with Stockspot

My entire investing experience with Stockspot has been very easy. 

It gives both my wife and I peace of mind that we can deposit money into Stockspot whenever we want and it is automatically distributed across the fund, allowing us to purchase multiple options at once. 

Knowing how ETFs work also gives us comfort in knowing we have a good spread of the market both locally and internationally, all of it managed automatically. 

It’s very hands off for us. 

My investing goals

Our investment approach is to achieve a good return that is within our risk appetite – and with management fees not eating into our returns. 

Working with Stockspot and ETFs in general provides us an easy way to meet and achieve our investment goals. 

My advice about investing

I think the biggest piece of advice I have for anyone looking to invest is to start now. No matter if it’s $100, $1,000 or $10,000. Starting now will allow you to experience all the compounding benefits of your investment long-term. 

I’d also recommend for you to start with an amount you’d be happy to lose, and to use this opportunity to research and build your knowledge into what you’ve invested in.

There’s a lot of noise with get-rich-quick schemes being spruiked, however investing wisely with a consistent and stable platform like Stockspot will mean you aren’t constantly checking if your money is still there, and know there’s sound evidence and research behind this strategy. 

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