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David Cuda is a chief financial officer from Sydney working in the health sector. He shares how his knowledge of finance led him to Stockspot and why he believes diversification and lower fees are the keys to investing successfully for the long-term. 

Meet David

My name is David Cuda and I’m a 50-year-old chief financial officer (CFO) from Sydney. I currently work in a great organisation in the health sector. With more than two decades of experience in the financial world, I’ve been actively involved in investing, particularly in shares, managed trusts and ETFs.

My role as a CFO has allowed me to gain a deep understanding of financial management and investment strategies. It’s this professional background that inspired my passion for optimising my personal investments, achieving financial security and ultimately led me to Stockspot.

Why I decided to trust Stockspot with my investment portfolio

The decision to entrust Stockspot with my investment portfolio in 2016 was driven by their innovative approach to wealth management. Stockspot’s utilisation of technology to provide efficient and cost-effective investment solutions aligned perfectly with my financial expertise. Their data-driven investment strategies and commitment to diversification mirrored my own investment philosophy, making them a natural choice for me.

The Stockspot sign up process

The sign up process with Stockspot was surprisingly easy and straightforward.

Their user-friendly platform and clear instructions made it a breeze to open an account and get started on my investment journey.

My investing experience with Stockspot

My investing experience with Stockspot has been very positive. The platform’s user-friendly interface, transparency in fees and regular updates on my portfolio’s performance have made it a stress-free experience.

Plus, knowing that experienced professionals are managing my investments gives me peace of mind.

My investing goals

Using Stockspot has definitely helped me work towards my investment goals. Their automated investment strategies and regular rebalancing have kept my portfolio aligned with my risk tolerance and objectives.

Over the years, I’ve seen my investments grow steadily and I’m confident that I’m on track to achieve my financial goals.

What I like about Stockspot

What I appreciate most about Stockspot is their commitment to making investing accessible to everyday investors like me. Their low fees, diversified portfolio options and user-friendly platform make it easy for anyone to start investing with confidence.

Plus, their regular communication and educational resources help me stay informed about my investments.

A final word about investing

The advice I would give to a friend who is hesitant about investing and leaving their money in a savings account is simple: start investing as soon as possible. 

While savings accounts provide safety, they often can’t keep up with inflation, meaning your money loses purchasing power over time. By investing wisely, you can potentially earn higher returns and secure your financial future. Don’t let fear or inaction hold you back from building wealth.

In terms of final money-related tips, I’d say it’s crucial to have a clear investment plan and stick to it, even in times of market volatility. Diversify your portfolio to spread risk, keep an eye on your investment fees, and focus on long-term goals.

Lastly, never stop learning about investing; knowledge is your most valuable asset on this financial journey.

Stockspot builds and manages your sharemarket portfolio for you, so you can get on with enjoying life and not having to worry about picking stocks.

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