Author: Larry Lee

Marketing, Stockspot


Questions to ask yourself before you buy a house

If you’re going to chase your property dream it’s important to do your homework and be prepared for the road ahead.


Meet the team: Sarah

Our resident wine connoisseur, Sarah is our Head of Client Care and also a massive yoga fan.


Meet the team: Lauren

I like PR because it’s about people and telling an interesting story and the world is made on good stories.


Meet the team: Matt

Meet Matt – cricket fanatic and father of 3 up-and-coming sport stars.


Best investment lessons from 2016

World and financial markets were sent spinning several times over while commentators went into meltdown in 2016.


Meet the team: Alice

Meet Alice. Awesome snowboarder, adventure sports obsessed, epic coder and our resident front-end developer.


17 money saving tips

Often the best money saving tips are insights discovered by real people.


Exposing the Fat Cats

We actively campaign against high fees, kickbacks and conflicts of interest in the financial services industry.


Meet the team: Alan

Meet the man in charge of designing and building the technology that helps our clients invest safely.


Expert help with your investment portfolio

It used to be almost impossible for most Australians to seek professional help


Keeping your finances in shape

Lessons I’ve learned from keeping in shape and living a healthy lifestyle that can be transferred to managing your finances.


Money tips for your next holiday

As someone who constantly has the travel bug, I’m always on the lookout for ways to get more out of my money.


Money apps: best budgeting apps in Australia

Managing your spending is getting easier with the growing number of free money apps now available.


How fees kill your savings

Paying a few per cent per year may not sound like much, but it could easily end up making you poorer by $100,000.

15 money tips for planning a wedding

  The cost of weddings in Australia continues to rise, with couples paying an average of $36,200 for their big […]