$59 billion trapped in Fat Cat Funds

2016 Fat Cat Funds Report
Our latest Fat Cat Funds Report, the largest analysis of superannuation and managed funds in Australia, has found that the money managed by Fat Cat Funds increased to $59 billion, up from $53.5 billion in 2015.

We believe Australians deserve greater visibility around where their money is invested and how it is performing so we have been producing this report to highlight the issues of high fees, poor transparency and conflicts of interest within the investment industry.

This is the 4th year we’ve run the report and this year we compared a record 3,800 funds to assess how they have performed after fees.

Unfortunately for consumers, almost nothing has changed since our first report in 2013 as the big 4 banks and AMP continue to dominate the distribution of Fat Cat Funds.

Fat Cat Fund Awards

To honour outstanding achievement in underachievement, we asked Charles Firth from The Chaser and Mark Humphries from SBS’s The Feed to present the awards to this years winners.


The impact of fees

There is a serious message at the heart of this report. Too many Australians are unaware of the devastating impact high fees have on their savings and super. The majority of Fat Cat Funds have been dragged down by high fees.


Fit Cat Funds

It would be unfair to run the Fat Cat Report without celebrating the Fit Cat Funds. These are funds that have done consistently well for their customers by outperforming their benchmarks. They set an example of best practices that the rest of the industry should follow.

2016 Fit Cat Awards

Read the full report and see how your fund shapes up at www.stockspot.com.au/fatcat.


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