The ETF boom continues in 2016

The ETF boom has continued in Australia with the market growing 20% over the year to $21.3 billion in funds under management (FUM).

ETF trends for 2015/16

Global share ETFs maintained their position as the largest ETF sector, with $7.9 billion, up 18% for the year and there were 13 global ETFs launched.

Fixed income and cash ETFs continued to grow in popularity as investors looked to diversify and access higher yields than the low interest rates available in savings accounts. The sectors’ FUM grew 40% to $2.2 billion.

Defensive ETFs enjoyed the best percentage gains in 2015/16, including the BEAR ETF (which aims to provide an inverse return to the Australian share market), several property ETFs and a global consumer staple ETF.

This year’s report

In this year’s Australian ETF Report we’ve compared 128 ASX-listed ETFs.

  • 23 earned the highest rating of 4 or 5 ‘spots’

  • 37 received the lowest rating of 0 or 1 ‘spot’

Whether investors are building their own portfolios or using an automated service like Stockspot, ETFs provide a great low-cost way to invest.

We hope this second annual ETF Research Report helps investors and advisers become better informed about the expanding ETF universe in Australia.

To download full report, visit our Australian ETF Report 2016 page.


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