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Stockspot Product Update – August 2020

We’ve focussed our efforts on updating the Stockspot app. Now it’s even easier and faster to access the information you want.

Welcome to the first stage of the new, improved Stockspot app! 

We’ve taken your feedback on board, and we’re well on our way to an upgraded look and feel, as well as enhanced functionality. 

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the most recent updates to the mobile app. You’ll need to update your Stockspot mobile app to the latest version to get access to all these new features. You can do this via the App Store or Google Play. 

1. Cleaner home screen design

All your most-wanted information is now right in front of you. View your total account value as well as the value of your Stockspot Portfolio, Stockpot Savings, and cash balances. You can also see your account return in both dollars and as a percentage.

2. See when your investments were updated

Whether you’re the set and forget type, or the type who logs in every day, you can now see the last time your investments were updated in the app and on your desktop dashboard.  On the app, the latest update time is located at the bottom of the “Account” screen. We always use end of day pricing from the previous day.

3. Additional navigation bar 

 We added an additional navigation bar at the bottom of your app screen, so you can easily move between different sections of the app.

4. Use your account nickname as the app header 

Customization is fun!

That’s why we now feature your account nickname in the app. You can change your nickname  in your desktop dashboard using the ‘Update’ link on the top left of the screen. 

5. Improved main menu design 

We’ve slimmed down and reorganised the main menu, so it’s easier to find what you’re looking for. There are new sections and new icons to make getting around the app a breeze. 

6. Reduce your fees with super easy referrals 

What’s better than helping your friends and family invest? Reducing your own fees at the same time!  We’ve made this simple: click the “Invite” icon on the bottom right of your app, and share your code with your friends and directly from the app. 

Here we shared some conversation starters, especially if you know friends or family who take too much risk (or not enough) with their investing.

You can also check your previous referrals in case you want to remind your loved ones there’s a great offer waiting for them. 

7. Coming soon: view multiple accounts

This update will be coming very soon. If you have multiple accounts and you’ve already linked them on your desktop dashboard, you can now see those linked multiple accounts in your mobile app as well. 

Note: If you want to link multiple accounts (under the same primary account holder), please email us at

Stay tuned for more exciting app updates soon!

PS. Think there’s something else we could do to improve the Stockspot desktop dashboard or mobile app? We’d love to hear from you! Send your feedback to

Product Manager

Louise works with the engineering team on delivering key product features to delight our customers. She previously worked for major companies such as EY and Cisco, and she holds a Master in Management from a major French Business School.

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