Meet the team: Sarah

Our resident wine connoisseur, Sarah is our Head of Client Care and also a massive yoga fan.

Friday afternoon drinks in the Stockspot office has been taken up a notch now that we’ve got a resident wine connoisseur working with us. Sarah is our Head of Client Care and also a massive yoga fan.

We’ve challenged Sarah to tackle her passions at the same time – attempt an upside-down yoga pose while sipping wine in-between answering client queries.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I grew up on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, mostly Mona Vale, Newport and Manly. I’ve lived in almost every suburb in-between too!

I got my first job when I was 11 years old, working in a gourmet deli in Mona Vale. I worked there for 9 years and out of that grew my passion for food, wine and cooking.

My first job post-university was at a financial planning firm called Centric Wealth where I worked in Client Service and Para-planning roles. After 4 years there I decided I wanted to travel, so took off to London for just over 2 years.

I spent time working at Morgan Stanley and in various cafes. Since living back in Sydney I’ve worked at Deutsche Bank, McGrath Nicol, KKR Australia and social media agency, We Are Social.

Why did you join Stockspot and what excites you most about it?

I joined Stockspot because I truly believe in what the team are doing by changing the landscape for financial advice in Australia. I was personally looking for a service like Stockspot and when I stumbled across it I was really excited.

I wanted to get back into the financial planning industry but didn’t want to take the traditional route. I was thrilled to see a low-cost, digital investment adviser here in Australia, a service that’s attainable for so many. I knew I wanted to be a part of it so just went for it and here I am, Head of Client Care.

I’m excited when I think about how we’re helping so many to start their long term savings journey and fundamentally doing the right thing by our clients. Our investment philosophy is one I’ve always believed in and to be offering that service in a digital format is pretty exciting.

What do you usually get up to when you’re not at Stockspot?

I’m mostly at my favourite yoga studio, BodyMindLife, practicing yoga, down at Bondi Beach having a swim or otherwise at home cooking delicious food or spending time with family, friends, my fiancé and sweet little cat Jazz.

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Did the sommeliers course you did change which wines you drink? What should we be drinking this summer?!

It didn’t change the wines I drink, but more than anything, it developed my sensory knowledge of wine. By the end of the course I was able to blind taste quite well and recognise different varieties from different regions across Australia. I also got to taste some excellent wines – ones I’d never probably buy for myself!!

What to drink this Summer? Personally I love European wines (Italian, Spanish and Portuguese mostly). So for summer, nothing beats a chilled Italian varietal like Vermentino or Pinot Grigio and for the reds, a chilled Rioja, Cannonau from Sardinia, or Italian Primitivo. You also can’t beat slightly chilled Aussie Pinot Noir (Ochota Barrels is a fave of mine).

This summer I’d also recommend supporting some smaller Australian producers who are creating natural, small-batch wines, without all the preservatives many of the big guys use!

Yoga vs Pilates – discuss!

I’m a huge yoga fan and I definitely like pilates. They both go both go hand-in-hand, in that doing one helps the other.

But overall it’s yoga for me! I have been practicing for over 14 years and it’s an incredible endless journey. To practice something that’s so different each and every time you turn up on the mat is really special. It’s had huge benefits for my health, happiness and wellbeing.

Yoga is challenging for the body, mind and spirit and I think out of that I’ve become a better version of myself. I’m always excited to go back and learn more. There’s also a great sense of community that comes with yoga.

Tell us a bit about the course you’re doing currently and why?

I’m currently completing a Neuro Linguistic Programming and Meta-Coaching course. I’ve always been interested in this field and have wanted to learn coaching skills for a while now.

The things I am learning have really helped me to understand the human mind and our ability to change or rewire it. I think having some tools and techniques to help myself and others with this will be really beneficial.

Favourite holiday destinations and why?

Bali, Ibiza and Byron Bay. They each have their own incredible natural beauty, unique cultures, beautiful beaches, amazing local food and restaurants, relaxed vibes and excellent yoga facilities – all the things l love in life.

Best investment fact you’ve learned recently?

How hindsight bias causes us to make irrational investment decisions. The evidence stacks-up around avoiding the noise and sticking to your strategy. Making decisions based on hindsight can be really costly and have a huge impact on long-term returns.

Little known fact about yourself?

I’m the speediest walker ever. I like to get places really quickly. One thing that drives me crazy when I’m walking is when other pedestrians are so distracted on their phones and not looking where they’re going!

And finally, what you think about the jokes I tell around the office? 😉

We all laugh pretty hard at Larry’s jokes – usually because he’s just digging himself into a deeper and deeper hole – at which point, well… I’ll just leave it at that!

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