Meet the team: Matt

Meet Matt – cricket fanatic and father of 3 up-and-coming sport stars.

Like a few of us at Stockspot, Matt escaped the corporate banking world to help build a new modern investment service. He reckons not being stuck in endless meetings and getting stuff done is the way forward – we think so too!

Tell us a bit about yourself

I was born and raised in Sydney. Prior to joining Stockspot I spent 16 years at UBS Australia in various Operations roles, including most recently as Head of Operations for their Wealth Management business. I’ve learned a lot about managing operations teams and building smart business processes all around the world.

Why did you join Stockspot and what excites you most about it?

I firmly believe the Stockspot business model offers a great investment vehicle especially for those who new to investing who need a simple, easy to understand way to build their wealth. I get really excited seeing new clients take their first steps into the investing world with Stockspot.

Having come from a “big bank” environment where a lot of decisions are made by a select few at the top, I’m really looking forward to contributing across a wide range of activities to help streamline operations as the business continues to grow.

Compared to working at a big global financial organisation, what are some of the differences working for a fintech startup?

I love the fact that we can discuss an issue or enhancement, make a decision and have it fixed / delivered without having to spend countless hours doing cost benefit analysis, fighting for budget and prioritisation meetings. Also the people are all passionate about what they do and why they are here. It makes for a really positive, productive environment which benefits our clients.

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What do you usually get up to when you’re not at Stockspot?

We’re a big sporting household. Having 3 active children means there’s a lot of commitments in our house. We’re big on team sports so summer is cricket (me included) and winter is all about netball. I feel like a taxi service sometimes but really enjoy watching them grow and compete in a team environment.

When we have spare time, which is not often, we like to spend it at the beach attempting to surf. Our 9 year old daughter is currently leading the pack.

Most memorable sporting moment and why?

Being a cricket tragic my most memorable sporting moment was watching a test match in the Caribbean on a small island called Dominica (where the Pirates of the Caribbean was largely filmed). The cricket was good but the Dominican people showed us the true Calypso experience.

You lead the Stockspot kids tally with 3. What’s your recommendation on the best way to educate them early on money and finance?

  • Live within your means.

  • Learn the value of money.

  • Teach them the difference between a need and a want.

I believe if they follow these 3 lessons early in life then there’s a high likelihood they’ll be savers and not spenders. I’d like to think this will help them on the path to investing to build their wealth.

Favourite holiday destinations and why?

Hard one but I’d have to say Egypt. We were lucky enough to visit while it was relatively safe many years ago. We saw the Pyramid’s, Valley of the Kings and cruising down the Nile were some of the highlights. It was definitely a cultural experience we’ll never forget & one I’d love to do again some day.

Best tip or advice you’ve ever received?

Be passionate about what you do. Life’s too short to be spending time doing things you’re not interested in. Whether it be work, sport or leisure you’re alway going to enjoy it more & perform better if you are passionate about it.

Little known fact about yourself?

I secretly laugh at all of your jokes in the office, Larry… nah, not really!

With Rudd being my last name, I get asked the question all the time but no, I am not related to Kevin Rudd.

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