Meet the team: Larry

In this edition of ‘meet the team’, we speak with our office fitness freak, plane geek, foodie and marketing guru (aka Larry).

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’ve been involved with the digital/online world for most of my working life and started way back when “e-Commerce” was the buzz word (it’s scary to think that “fintech” and “disruption” will probably be just as outdated in 10 years time!). I get excited about new technology and innovations that help make things simpler and cheaper for consumers. It’s something that’s changed my daily life – from being able to order my coffee in the morning using an app on my phone (no more queuing up), pay for things by just tapping my phone (no more fumbling for coins or fetching my wallet) and track how active I’ve been each day.

Why did you join Stockspot and what excites you most about it?

The main reason is definitely because I believe in what the business is trying to achieve and was pretty much sold on working here within minutes of meeting Chris. Having spent years working in the financial industry, I can see that many financial institutions aren’t really set-up to deliver great experiences to customers nor giving them the best deal. I’m excited about working for a business that tries make a difference and puts the interest of customers first.

What do you usually get up to when you’re not at Stockspot?

I’m either exercising, eating and drinking, planning my next holiday, or sitting on my balcony watching planes take-off and land while reading aviation blogs and forums.

You have been touted as the office’s walking ‘Good Food Guide’. What are your favourite restaurants/eateries at the moment?

There are so many that I don’t really know where to start! My current favourites in Sydney are..

Brunch / Lunch
Social Brew in Pyrmont
Boss Lady Food Co in Camperdown
Three Williams in Redfern
Revolver in North Annandale
The Botanist in Kirribilli for a boozy weekend lunch

At night
Ester in Chippendale
Ester in Newtown/Enmore
Grifter Brewery in Marrickville
Brick Lane in Darlinghurst
Automata in Chippendale

You’ll also find photos of food places I visit on Instagram.

The most famous person you’ve ever met?

That would have to be Matt Lucas from Little Britain! I was walking home from the gym last year and was busy reading an email on my phone when I was stopped by an “excuse me” from someone asking for directions. You could imagine how surprised I was when I looked up! He was really nice and even offered to take a selfie for my Instagram which actually made it into the newspapers including the Daily Mail in the UK!


Favourite holiday destinations?

Lisbon (Portugal is amazing!), Tokyo, Hong Kong and Argentina (loved both Buenos Aires and Mendoza).

As well as being a finance guru, you’re also a trained fitness instructor. Is there anything you’ve learned from keeping in shape that can be transferred to investing – or vice versa?

The 3 things that I think applies to both are:

1) Think long term and avoid short-term fads. It takes time and effort to get and stay fit the proper way. Things such as fad diets are not sustainable and will only be temporarily. The same goes for investing, it’s about thinking long-term and not trying to pick what’s doing well at the time.

2) Diversify. When it comes to exercise, try not to do the same thing and vary the routine up across different things like cardio, weights, interval training, stretch & flexibility so that your body doesn’t adapt and you can improve results. In investing, diversifying across asset classes and regions can help reduce risks and optimise investment performance.

3) Start as soon as possible, do it regularly and don’t stop. Getting into a habit and building momentum helps to improve results in both fitness and investing.


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Chris Brycki

Stockspot Founder and CEO

2 thoughts on “Meet the team: Larry

  1. For Chris – I like your article “Rent or Buy” it is extremely well written and clear but you have neglected a major issue which makes me wonder what your bias is? (first time I’ve been to this site).
    Seven years is a conveniently short time-frame.
    If a person buys and pays off their home by the time they retire they no longer have rent payments to make, for many people the weekly rent bill is too high. You may be encouraging people who are not good at saving to stick with the rent-trap.

  2. Hi Janet, thanks for the comment on our ‘Rent vs Buy’ article: The results are similar over periods longer than 7 years. We chose 7 years as it is the most commonly recommended minimum investment horizon for a diversified growth portfolio. The article shows that renting is not a trap if an equivalent amount to the mortgage repayment is saved and invested instead. You’re right that a disciplined savings plan is very important for renters since they don’t have ‘forced’ mortgage savings.

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