Meet the team: Alan

Meet the man in charge of designing and building the technology that helps our clients invest safely.

Contrary to popular belief, there are no high-profile robots working at Stockspot. We’re yet to snag R2-D2 or T-1000 to manage the portfolios between films.

 Instead we have Alan who heads up Product Development – quietly doing the work that these mythic robots get the credit for.

Alan is in charge of designing and building the technology that helps our clients invest safely, as well as monitor and optimise the strategies. In this edition of ‘meet the team’ we investigate whether he is man or machine.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I was born and raised in Shanghai, China. I started my adventure with the ‘Personal Computer’ in 1990 when, at age 9, I found myself teaching others in my father’s computer class. I met the first programming language, Logo, on an Apple computer in primary school and loved it (I mean the Apple computer).

I now have about 10 years experience working in information technology. Over that time I’ve enjoyed different roles and developed great products that are changing people’s lives – including my own!

Why did you join Stockspot and what excites you most about the business?

I like to be surrounded by talented people and create great products. After meeting with Chris and the team, I decided that Stockspot was a perfect fit.

I used to create products that people spent money on. Now I’m building something that actually helps people make money! I’m also excited about developing a disruptive product in the financial industry – just like Apple changed the personal computing industry in 1984.

What do you usually get up to when you’re not at Stockspot?

I enjoy a variety of sports, namely basketball, basketball and basketball… playing video games, and watching my kids grow.

What’s the favourite tech gadget you currently own, and what gadget would you most like to buy?

Like all gadget enthusiasts, the best tech gadget is always the latest one to come out. My favourite is the NetGear Wifi Range Extender that I bought recently – it ended my nightmare of living without reliable internet for 3 weeks. I would like to buy an Ardruino set (or Raspberry Pi) so I can build some real robots… or a drone.

What learnings can you take from engineering and development that can be applied to investing?

Don’t overcomplicate things, especially when you are a newbie.

You’ve lived in Australia almost 4 years now. What do you like the most about Australia and what’s most different versus what you expected?

I would have to say what I like the most is the people. Although the language barrier was hard initially, I found help from people everywhere. Australians are kind, helpful and warm-hearted. In terms of what’s different from what I expected, it would have to be strawberries – I thought they would be more delicious.

Holiday destinations – where would you like to go next?

I want to explore more of Australia – maybe Tasmania.

Best tip or advice you’ve ever received?

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning – but anyone can start now and make a new ending.

Stockspot feature you’re most proud of so far?

There are countless mini robot algorithms working everywhere in our office. They help us streamline the workflow, avoid human errors and focus on the more important functions. The automation is also helping our customers grow their wealth. That excites me!

Finally, who is your favourite robot?

Definitely Baymax from Disney’s Big Hero 6 who would have been unbeatable on the basketball court with his height and flying ability.


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