Meet the team (intern): Mason

Meet the team: Mason
Stockspot has been offering internships to uni students over the past year to help develop future industry talent outside of traditional career paths. We want to give students the opportunity to broaden their experience through working in a fintech start-up.

In this edition of ‘meet the team’, we speak with our young blooded intern Mason.

Tell us a bit about yourself

At this very early stage of my professional career, I’m trying to constantly evolve my learning and understanding of finance, technology and business in general. Most appropriately, my focus at the University of Technology Sydney is divided into these three areas – majoring in Finance, Information Technology and Management Consultancy.

What attracted you to do an internship with Stockspot?

I’m in admiration of Stockspot’s ambitions to provide a transparent and accessible investment platform for the masses. Its disruptive nature and its pursuit to bring financial transparency completely resonates with me, consequently an internship with this type of company within the fintech space has proven to be an invaluable learning experience.

The coolest aspect is how fintech startups alike are striving to disrupt the complacency and lack of regard for consumers that financial institutions have so easily exploited for many years. It’s good that we finally have innovation booming in this sector!

Compared to another internship you’ve done what did you do that you’d never get a chance to experience at a big corporation like CommBank or PwC?

The unique experience I’ve gained from my internship at a startup means I’ve been able to learn in all areas of the business, it have given me a more holistic business perspective. I’ve been given greater responsibility at Stockspot and the impact of my work is inevitably having a bigger impact at a start-up than it would within a large corporation.

What was it like having access to Chris’ amazing finance brain? What did you learn in your internship?

What didn’t I learn? I don’t think there is enough space on this one…

I will say that it’s been an amazing opportunity to work so closely with Chris and the entire Stockspot team. It’s clear that their purpose is in complete alignment with the company culture and the team is working hard to continue their mission.

What do you usually get up to when you’re not at Stockspot?

I love the world game – obviously football (soccer). Football has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember.

I spend a lot of my time researching and analysing equity markets as part of my studies and looking at the latest developments in the startup world.

Favourite holiday destinations and why?

I found travelling through Brazil during the 2014 World Cup was one of the best experiences of my life. We specifically stayed in Rio De Janeiro, which is a beautifully diverse city.

Mason in Rio

Favourite cuisine and why?

I love food, I eat a hideous amount of food and I won’t stop until the plate is clean – several times over! On that note, I’d like to mention the impact Yum Cha has had on my life, I’m a serious fan with a serious appetite when it comes to the chronically amazing dumplings on offer at any Yum Cha restaurant.

Most memorable cartoon as a child?

I grew up with Disney and Pixar films and have probably watched every single film at least 10 times. Two of my favourites would have to be The Lion King and The Incredibles – I thought I was Dash with super speed and ran around the cinema after watching the Incredibles. To this day, I think I could be quicker than Dash, however my friends seem to compare my speed to a penguin – not sure why…


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