Meet the team: Alan

Contrary to popular belief, there are no high-profile robots working at Stockspot. We’re yet to snag R2-D2 or T-1000 to manage the portfolios between films. Instead we have Alan who heads up Product Development – quietly doing the work that these mythic robots get the credit for.

Alan is in charge of designing and building the technology that helps our clients invest safely, as well as monitor and optimise the strategies. In this edition of ‘meet the team’ we investigate whether he is man or machine.

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2015 : Stockspot end-of-year update

The Stockspot portfolios generated positive returns over the 12 months to December, and demonstrated lower risk than a broad portfolio of Australian shares over that time.

Most of the positive price performance came between January and April, before troubles in Greece and China dragged markets lower by 10% to 15%. It has been great to see many of our clients using the market dips this year as a good opportunity to top-up their portfolios and take advantage of lower prices. When markets return to their long-term uptrend, those who have been slowly adding to their investments will see the greatest impact.


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2015: Stockspot mid-year update

Welcome to our mid-year video update.

In this update:

  • Performance of the Stockspot portfolios for the 2015 financial year
  • Update on the response from our Australian ETF Report
  • Completion of our recent capital raising
  • News and events coming up in the second half of 2015


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Stockspot portfolios: 1 year on…

The month of May marks the one-year anniversary since our portfolios were opened for investment and we’re pleased with the performance during the first year.

Over the 12 months to 30th April 2015, each of our 5 portfolios generated over 10.4% in total returns. The more conservative portfolios performed almost as well as the higher growth options due to the strong performance from Australian bonds over the year. All of the portfolios delivered a combination of capital return and distribution (dividend) income.

Stockspot portfolios: 1st May 2014 – 30th April 2015

  Total return Distributions
Topaz 11.93% 4.05%
Emerald 10.58% 4.00%
Turquoise 10.44% 3.76%
Sapphire 10.86% 3.49%
Amethyst 11.14% 3.24%

Total return after ETF and management fees

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Christopher Naumoff talks football and finance

Stockspot is passionate about educating Australians about smarter money management. We have been excited to partner with Sydney FC and run a workshop for the players about how they can take control of their personal finances.

We sat down with Sydney FC’s Christopher Naumoff to discuss his playing career, where he sees his future and what he found most useful from our workshop with the team.


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Sydney FC players get financial tips from Stockspot

Sydney FC players will be trained on how to better manage their money and protect themselves from investment cons with the help of Stockspot.

As with all Australians, being financially savvy is becoming increasingly important for professional athletes. Professional playing careers are typically quite short compared to other jobs, so athletes need to be smart about securing their financial future after sport.

Over the coming months we will be running a series of workshops with the players on topics such as personal finance, cash-flow management, budgeting, superannuation and investing.

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Stockspot portfolios: what stocks and bonds are they invested in?


One of the benefits with investing in the Stockspot portfolios is that they provide diversification not only across asset classes, but also across industry sectors and geographical regions. The exchange traded funds (ETFs) chosen to make up the Stockspot portfolios provide clients with access to a large diverse range of stocks and bonds from around the world in a cost effective manner, including well known businesses like Apple, Google, Woolworths and Westfield.

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2014 : Stockspot end-of-year update

A short video update on how Stockspot portfolios have performed this year, along with some of our business highlights and what to expect in 2015.


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