When is a good time to invest?

Markets can go up and down over the short-term and it’s almost impossible to pick the market top or bottom (even for professionals).

So when is a good time to invest in shares?

Instead of trying to time your entry point, dollar-cost averaging is a strategy to invest gradually over a few days, weeks or months. This helps reduce the impact of short term moves in the market because you invest at an ‘average’ price over a period of time.

Dollar cost averaging can help smooth your initial investment returns by reducing the risk that you’ve invested everything just before a dip in the market. By buying over a period of time you get to take advantage of any market dips and buy at the lower prices if markets fall.

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Many Stockspot clients have set-up weekly or monthly direct transfers from their day-to-day bank accounts into their Stockspot accounts so they can take advantage of market dips and peaks with our automated service.

To make it easier for our clients to use a ‘dollar cost averaging’ strategy we don’t charge any brokerage or commissions on regular investments.


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Stockspot is Australia’s largest digital investment adviser. We can help you build and manage a personalised portfolio tailored to your financial situation and your goals. It’s professional investment advice without the high costs of seeing a human adviser.

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Chris Brycki

Stockspot Founder and CEO